Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

500 word drabble: A bitter revenge (1/1)

Title: Bitter Revenge
Summary: S5 of Angel from a very dark Buffy's perspective
Pairing: kinda B/S
Word count: 500

When Angel called for help with a slayer, she laughed; hoping beyond hope that this mad slayer would kill him for her. If there hadn’t been countless innocents in danger of her as well, she would have let it stand at that. After what Angel had done, he deserved to pay though. Giles laughed as he agreed with her plan, anything to put down Angel. With Wes’ stick in the butt, he deserved to get his tail ruffled a bit as well. They planned for it and of course Andrew was all gung ho. Giles tried to talk about it with her. Not that he wanted to change her mind of course, but he was all about the right reasons. She just told him she could no longer trust Angel.

She never bothered to mention Spike’s name.

Andrew sent his usual reports. They drove her insane so she sent them straight through to Giles. When she saw them come back with Dana she welcomed the girl with an open heart. Andrew tried to tell her something but she blew him off. Even talking with him for another second was a second too long.

The Immortal came in at perfect timing, she felt like she was betraying Spike’s memory with every second of it, but she knew the reward would be worth it as soon as Angel found out. The immortal never had a clue that he was just a tool for her revenge.

Angel called again, something to do with a guy called Fred, Giles told her about it, but they’d agreed, they wouldn’t trust Angel. He still didn’t know why she sided with him on this. He tried to get her interested in slaying again. She placated him by taking out a vampire nest or two, but didn’t let herself be bothered by it too much.

Her plan with the Immortal was boiling and when Angel finally showed up in town she made it look as if she were as happy and carefree as she could manage. She just wished she could have seen his face, but looking at him would have given away the game.

She dumped the Immortal a day later, he was crying when she packed her bags. She didn’t bother to cut off his head, he didn’t matter and he had been helpful.

Willow called her to ask what was up with Angel, asked her if she wanted her to re-ensoul Angel. She told her friend not to bother. That Angel still had his soul, he just forgot it was there..

It wasn’t until a few weeks that her revenge was complete; Angel was dead. Alone with just his group he hadn’t stood a chance. She smiled. She felt sorry for his people, but they shouldn’t have stood with Angel. Angel had killed Spike. She could never forgive him for that.

She wondered when she found Andrew crying as he heard the news.

When he finally told her who else had died, her heart shattered.

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