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How even the shyest person (say me) can get into a (fan)wank

This morning I was reading jans_intentions's usual rec post and I noticed that even though there was a darker Angel, a darker Lindsey, a darker Faith and a darker Riley com, that there wasn't one for darker Buffy. So I posted to darker_spike for help in creating a darker Buffy com.

Only just after creating the com, I found out that there already was a darker_buffy which is run by very nice people and should be loads of fun.

So there I was, stuck with a_darker_buffy which I just created. Now it might not look that way, but I hate wasting stuff. Including lj names. Too many lead to dead journals as it is.
So I thought, since I had the com, I might as well use it.

engravedheart who was nice enough to offer her help in creating the com in the first place, offered up the idea that we'd make our com more femmeslash centric. It's not my fave part of Buffy fic, but hey, it's a use for the com, that hopefully in no way seems like an attack on darker_buffy. Once again, darker_buffy seems like a great com that needs more members, the more the better so we can all start enjoying Buffy fic, art, ...

So my apologies if it seems like we're trying to steal the thunder of darker_buffy, but I'm hoping that a_darker_buffy will still fill a niche. Am I wrong?

PS: we also created darker_spuffy which should be tons of fun, considering how dark spuffy already was in canon. Just hoping we'll get loads of domBuffy on that one*g*

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