Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

New pet!

I'm a rebel.

I kinda got this rule in the appartment of no pets, but... the place is just so damn quiet when I'm here alone. So in order to have a pet, that the landlord hopefully won't find out about, I bought a hamster.

I wanted to call my first pet Spike, unfortunately they only had girls, so I ended up with a Buffy*g* She's a bit shy still, but I placed her cage in my bedroom so she had more peace and quiet and she seems much more active now.
(who ever knew that hamsters are nocturnal and need to be left alone during the day, I sure didn't)

Her cage is small enough to place next to me in the evening, so she might get used to me. And I really hope she'll be happy here. I even bought her one of those playball things so she can run around the room every once and a while.

As soon as she's less shy when I'm around, I'll try and make some pictures to show to you guys.

Here's for hoping the landlord won't find out... I mean, it's just a hamster, the poor itty bitty thing makes little or no noise. And if I keep her cage clean there should be no smell either.
For those who know about that kind of stuff, she's a gold hamster.

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