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Promo: New Xander community

Xander Lavelle Harris.
Carpenter, best friend to at least one slayer, fighter, hero and all too human.
We accept that Xander had flaws, that he made mistakes, he's not perfect, nor is he some kind of superbeing and this community serves to post those fics that deal with the Xander we actually got onscreen.

In other words canon Xander.

That means, we want a Xander without superpowers. A Xander who can be a hero, without that you have to bash the people around him in order to make Xander himself look better. We feel we don't have to denigrate other characters, because the real Xander's good enough to stand tall in the middle of heroes.

This community doesn't allow a Xander who's Xander in name only, we expect our members to give us a Xander who stays true to the show. That means first and foremost no superpowers. There's plenty of communities for non-human Xander, here we'd like to keep our Xander the very human regular guy that he was on the show. Extraordinairy because he kept fighting even though he had no reason, no powers bringing great responsibility...

We don't allow claimings that cause Xander to gain superpowers out of it. If the claim's a symbol, ok, if it's some way to give Xander the benefits of a vampire without the disadvantages then thanks but no thanks. (as far as we've seen on the show, the claiming making the consort immortal is strictly fanon)

We also don't allow m-preg. He's a guy, let's keep him that way.

All pairings are allowed, slash, het, conventional, non-conventional,...we prefer at least one of them to be a Xander pairing, but if you've got an introspective Xander piece, an adventure oriented fic where pairings don't really come into it, or something dealing with him on his own that's allright as well.

Ratings are allowed up to all ages. But we expect full warnings in the headers.

Think this is something that you want to be a part of?
Then join us at the_real_xander

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