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I'm thinking of doing something stupid.
I've been following fics on bloodclaim lately and well I seem to keep running into this itty bit of a problem. It's a problem that has kept me from really getting into spander fics or S/X as a pairing in any form.

The ooc-ness of Xander in over 75% of all S/X fics.
Yes that's a big number, no I'm not exaggerating.

I'm just really really tired of reading about hyenaXander or soldierXander or any other kind of superpowered Xander. In over half of the stories that include any of these forms of Xander, I feel that I'm not reading about Xander, I'm reading about a Gary Stu disguised as Xander.

Now this is just my opinion, I can perfectly well understand that there are people who do like SuperXander. I know that S/X is a very popular pairing and I really don't mind it as a general rule, wouldn't be a member of bloodclaim if I did.
I just much much prefer reading about the real Xander.

Is it so much to ask for an S/X story that uses canonXander. You know the guy we all fell for. The one with no superpowers, the regular guy who fought for what he thought was right. The one that made mistakes, could be petty and immature. The one who signified everything that Buffy fought for.

Is it so much to ask for S/X fics where noone is bashed? No Buffy the bitch, no Willow who doesn't care about Xander, no...Fics that accept that in the series, the scoobies were a family, a family that at times was way too close and hardly let anyone in that wasn't one of the core four.

I may think that the scoobies used and abused Spike, but they were always Xander's family. He might not always be the center of their universe, but they loved him. They cared for him. Are stories like that too much to ask for? In any pairing.

Now to the poll...
I'm thinking of starting a community, don't have a name yet. Doubting between
'Strictly human Xander', real Xander or whatever name that's still open.

Would any of you be interested in joining this community?
This would be a no bashing zone, no ooc characters, no m-preg of any kind, ...
Anything else I might have forgotten?*g*

Poll #582433 The real Xander, accept no substitutes

Do you have any ideas for a name for such a community?

Would you join a group like this?


Should I make this community

All Xander-pairings
All pairings, as long as Xander's a part of it and is in character

Did I forget anything?


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