Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Hi, my name is Ruby Smith, volunteer with the Humane Society of West
Louisiana! We are fielding THOUSANDS of calls from people affected by
Hurricane Katrina because we are the closest Humane Society with a working
telephone! (approximately 4 hours west of New Orleans in Rosepine, LA)

We are doing all we can but have one big problem. SPACE! We are taking as
many strays from the area as possible but are having a hard time finding
room for the family-owned pets that are having to be given up! These are
people who have NO choice but to give up their beloved pets due to this

We are looking for help from "Breed Specific Rescues", or anyone, to find
homes for these babies! Currently, this is just an example of our purebred
hurricane victim dogs, who have all been very well behaved, but will be
euthanized if homes are not found.... soon!! We just don't have

3 yo Husky, very sweet, getting very depressed, is eating less and less
7yo Pomeranian, won't stop shaking unless being held?
??yo Poodle, just adorable, but shivering and very difficult to get out
of cage
1yo+ Collie, won't stop crying, unless being held
4yo Cocker Spaniel, very cute, very, very upset.

Of course, we have an abundance of "mutts" that are just as deserving as a
loving and safe home... If you know anyone who can foster/rescue these
loving animals, or any other rescue group who are willing to help out,
please contact the Humane Society of West Louisiana! It is likely that we
will be getting more and more calls from owners who are having to make the
choice of surrendering their pets, but we just do not have the room for

Thank you So much!! Please, continue to pray for the victims of Katrina,
both human and pets!

Humane Society of West Louisiana Ask for Rita 337-462-3321

PS. Even if you cannot help one of these babies, yourself, you can make a
difference if you will forward this e-mail to everyone you know!! Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this email from ginmar. Unfortunately being Belgian (and still not allowed to have any pets in my appartment) I can't have one of them sent overhere.

Either way, these pets need help and the sender of the original mail asked to either adopt one, or send through the mail so that more people'll find out about it.

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