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Fic: Man's best friend (18/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Buffy didn’t say a word as she got ready for school. She’d forgotten to do her homework the night before, but she couldn’t get herself to be bothered about it. She stood in front of the mirror, brushing her hair when a hand touched her shoulder. She didn’t even turn around, her free hand moving over his. She knew it was Spike and not Angel, she didn’t know entirely how, she just knew it. He was still naked and his skin was a gentle freshness in the warm summer breeze.

She finally swirled her chair around and faced them both. Angel was still on the bed, no one had told him to get off, so of course he didn’t even try. Buffy got up and gently kissed Spike’s lips. Letting go before it could turn into anything more. She wasn’t sure what it was that she felt for him. Not anymore. She was fond of him, hell nobody would find that odd, and you’re supposed to be fond of your pet after all. But that’s the thing; he wasn’t a pet. Not anymore. He was a man, a vampire, but still a man. She surprised herself realizing that she liked the man, she just wasn’t sure if she loved him, so she said nothing.

His fingers brushed over her chin, guiding her eyes up to his, she didn’t flinch. Then he sat back on the bed, holding his leg. Even that couldn’t hide that he was still hard.
“Is this…” Her fingers trailed a path, “uncomfortable?”
He moaned. She went through her knees, kneeling at his feet, feeling the urge to help him out with his… discomfort.

She eyed the time, realizing she was already five minutes late. All she could say was sorry, before she had to make a run downstairs. Angel and Spike were still on the bed. She didn’t think she imagined Spike’s groan.


And off she was… Spike slumped down and doubled over, trying not to think of it. Angel crawled up to him and he didn’t have the heart to tell him to leave. This wasn’t the first time he’d been left like this. It was something that masters and mistresses in the past had had a sickening kind of pleasure in. Getting your pet hard and ready and then leaving him alone to test his obedience.
The fact that Buffy hadn’t intended it that way, didn’t make it any better. Angel pushed him over and licked his thigh. Spike flinched away from him and Angel’s face showed his hurt. It was odd how clear emotions were on Angel’s face now, no more weight on his shoulders and eyes filled not with scheming and need for pain, but with a sense of innocence.

Spike missed Angelus.

Angel hugged him and Spike could feel the hard edges of the other vampire’s abs fitting up against his own. The cold fabric of Angel’s suit itched against his skin and he pushed him away. Spikes hands moved to his groin, desperate to relieve his need. He could hear a gasp coming from Angel as the old bugger watched him.

Simple, get himself off, fast and feel better. But every time he thought to bring his hands down, they stopped inches away from his groin. It was a no go zone. Still. He wanted to, needed to, but he couldn’t bring his body to obey, even in this time of need.

Angel didn’t offer to help, not anymore and Spike couldn’t ask him. He touched the collar on his neck and even the thought of removing it went against every molecule in his body. Finally he stared down on his skin tight suit and put it on. Once again he found himself unable to go against his conditioning. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t bring his fingers to the zipper. Even trying felt like touching a crucifix.

He needed to breathe, needed to do something, anything. Finally he sank down on the bed, crying. Hot rage went through him, along with the humiliation. The first knickknacks went to the ground before he could even think. Buffy's brushes, her lipsticks, her bears, all hitting the floor, some shattering, others just lying there. He was tearing off one of her posters when the door opened and Joyce came in. It was that that stopped him, it made him see the mess in the room and he fell down on his knees, tears still falling down his cheek.

Joyce touched him at that point, making him look up at her.
”Angel” she ordered. “Help him out.” She blushed as she said it, but still she did. Spike wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t.
Angel practically jumped off the bed and kneeled in front of Spike. Pushing him back till Spike’s shoulders hit the ground and leaning over his cock that was standing up in full salute. When his lips surrounded Spike’s flesh, blood rose even more and for Spike it was like something was ready to explode.

“You can come.” Joyce said.

Spike’s conditioning seemed to be arguing with itself. Mom wasn’t master, but she was mom and … He stopped resisting and all tension flew out with it. Angel swallowed and Spike stayed as he was, resting on his legs. Still shaking.

Joyce was still standing in the door.

Spike shook as he finally got up, still on his knees he looked up to Joyce, hating it as he had to plead for her help.
“I can’t close it up.” was what he said. Joyce understood and helped him up to the bed. She made him stand, legs spread, while she first zipped him up as far as possible from the back down. He could feel blood spreading over her face as she had to kneel down to pull the zipper any further. Her hand between his legs nearly tickled even as she touched him as little as she possibly could.

"I think I need to have a talk with Buffy." was what she finally said. "There are some things you just don't do to a man. No matter what species he is."

"She didn't mean to." Spike protested in Buffy's stead.

Joyce shook her head and gently petted Angel as he sat down at her feet. They all went downstairs and Joyce prepared a cup of hot cocoa for herself and both vampires. Angel looked stunned when he accepted his saucer. He licked it up and purred in approval. Spike’s hand stayed on Angel’s shoulder for a second before he drank down his own cup.

Not a word was said, but it was clear there was no plan to put either him or Angel in the basement. Joyce sat at the island in the kitchen as she poured in two cups of blood. She gave the first one to Spike. He stopped her before she gave the second one to Angel. Angel had already been backing off as soon as he'd seen her coming his way with it. Spike looked sad, but he took the cup and quietly poured it into his bowl, kneeling next to Angel while the larger vampire bowed down over it and started sipping it up.

Joyce aimed her eyes at the chair and Spike followed her as he sat down. "So..."
Spike kept his eyes focussed on the table.
"I'm wondering if I should call the cops, or ask you for your intentions with Buffy."

Spike smiled.
"Shouldn't you be asking her what her intentions are with me?"

She play slapped him in the chest after that.
"You're not just waiting for a chance to kill us are you? Silly, as if you'd tell me if you were."

Even as she said it, he realized that he would. He was evil, no doubt about it, but even the thought of lying to this woman felt like tearing out his own heart.
”I would.” He whispered “Tell you, I mean. But I’m not. I’d never harm my family.”

“Thank you.”
She believed him, she trusted him, like a child trusting that the collared wolf won’t break free and attack her. Her naivety didn’t even make him laugh, the thought of anyone hurting this woman, this mother, was enough to make the hair stand up in the back of his neck. Locks snapped in his brain and he knew looking at her, she was blood, clan, claimed. No harm would come to her, for as long as he existed.

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