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Fic: Man's best friend (17/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Spike had to fight the jitters as he lay on the bed next to Buffy. He knew he didn't have to leave, but for so long it had been 'slam bam, and now out of the bed' that he'd almost expected Buffy to kick him off the bed as soon as she'd had her fun. He should have known better. She instantly grabbed him when he tried to leave, even if they hadn't been able to continue. Angel's eyes on them had been enough to stop any fun in their path.

Buffy snuggled in his arms and he gently pressed a kiss on her forehead. Buffy hadn't made Angel leave the room yet and Spike wasn't much inclined to disagree. That Basement was damp. He nuzzled on Buffy's neck, tasting her scent in the air around them, feeling it mix with his own. All on a background of Angel whimpering on the floor. Spike desperately tried to fight his urge to pity the other vampire. He hated ...he loved Angel. Angel had betrayed him, he'd saved him and he wished he could just snuggle in his arms and make him feel better.

Buffy patted the bed and Angel instantly jumped next to them, spooning with Spike and Spike let him. Angel was licking his neck and Spike stared at Buffy, not sure what to say. Buffy just looked at them both.

"William." Angel said, "Will Will." , humping against him and Spike grabbed his arm trying to slow him down.

Angel’s free hand moved to Spike’s cock and Spike nearly bucked to get him to leave him alone.
”Angel no!”

Angel froze, “Want to help.” He whimpered. “Didn’t mistress want me to help?”

Spike almost took pity on him, almost let him go on, but there was Buffy and she…

“Not if Spike… William doesn’t want you too Angel.”

Angel then bumped closer to Spike. Spike almost wished that these were the old days, when a position like this meant that Angelus had just buggered him silly and was now holding on to him, refusing to let go. It would have been a lot easier than ignoring the pull of his cock as it still throbbed for release. It wasn’t Angel’s though… not anymore.


The walls were made of metal, harsh polished steel with dark metal pipes, clearly well maintained. There were men all over the small room, dressed in navy clothes, styles decades out of date. They stood backed away from the center of the room. She found herself standing on the side and noone bothered to see her. Angel was holding another man’s arm, pulling him back while Spike... Spike sat on the captain’s chair. She recognized him instantly, even though he had the worst ever diejob done on his hair.

Angel was telling Spike and the other young man to get out. Spike glared at him, but didn’t disobey. Not really. He stood there at the ladder, silent. Everyone was staring at him. Everyone...

Something hit Spike, he lost his grip and fell. The lantern that hit him thumbled down beside him. Spike’s head fell at just the wrong angel and he went down, Angel turned around, glared and growled at the one throwing it. His face shifted for a second. He kneeled down next to Spike, brushing his fingers through the younger vampire’s hair.

“Will? William?”
He holds Spike in his arms, the other man was staring at them both, he turns out to be a vampire as well. By the time Spike finally wakes up, alarms are sounding. They’re still above water and thus easy to find for a ship looking for them. When they get boarded Angel stares at the men in disgust. Spike looks at him, ready to fight those men alongside his sire. Angel can see it on his face, the preparing for battle, ready to kill or be killed.
”I’m sorry.” He says, before knocking Spike out again. He’s not sure if it’s Spike he’s protecting or the humans. His young fledgling stands beside him, pulled between giving up and defending the older vampire

Spike’s too dazed to fight and all too soon he’s all shackled up and ready to be moved, glaring at Angel as he comes back to his senses.
“Traitor! Bastard! I’ll rip your heart out.”
Angel simply looks down while a man dressed in civillian clothes calls him to him.

“There were supposed to be more than one, or two, with the new one you just made.”
The man, no more like a boy stands like a lone spectre or ghost amidst the humans, his chains only part of what keeps him from fighting.

“They threatened the crew.”

“Who cares about the crew, I wanted three vampires. I promised the army doctors that they’d get three vampires Angelus. Right now I’ve only got two. Put him in chains.”

Buffy stares at the scene as Angel is forced away under threat of crossbows and stakes. She finds him sitting next to Spike, she finds them both sedated by medics while forced down to the floor. Finding Angel holding Spike’s hand as they all fall unconscious.

Buffy screams as she wakes up, finding herself in the fledglings place, with the two other vampires both curled up next to her. They both stare at her. She tells them to get back to sleep. Spike's eyes so bright, so worried, so unlike the cold anger aimed at Angel in her dream.


William woke up in his mistress’ bed, his sire right behind him. It was like heaven. Angel’s hands were on his cock and William pushed into them. He knew he was being bad, shouldn’t come without mistress’ permission. But this couldn’t be real anyway, in reality, Angel was off with another mistress. Would mistress be angry if he came in his dream?

The last mistress had been angry over that. She’d sent him to vamp school for coming without permission. He remembered being tied to a rack, while a girl made him hard, pain when he couldn’t control himself.

Stand up straight, sit down, walk the line, do this, do that and the whip if you dared to hesitate. He’d never been one for vamp shows and his last mistress had been furious about that. He tried, he really did, take two steps, fast enough, don’t twist the bonds, kneel down and present. He could do the orders and did, yet never fast enough. Never good enough.


And it hit him then, it wasn’t that he did things wrong, it’s that his mistress would punish him anyway. It wasn’t about his mistakes, but about her pleasure in drawing blood. Spike cried for himself as he fully woke up and could see those memories through his own eyes.

He’d been good, he had been. It hadn’t been enough. There was nothing he could have done that would ever have been good enough.

He looked at Buffy, she tenderly touched his face.
“Are you awake?”
He just smiled
“Silly question, of course you’re awake.” She sat up, pulling her sheet up with her.
“Do you think that Angel would mind going to vamp school in your place. We did pay for it.”

Spike could feel Angel whimpering behind him. But what could they say, of course Angel would want to be beaten and used till he could sit up and beg just like his mistress wanted. Who wouldn’t? Right?


Outside one man in the car signed a few notes before turning in the frequencies. One vampire’s brainwaves were way beyond what they were supposed to be. He instantly hit full alert. Then he grabbed his gun and stood ready to listen for screams.

With all the privacy guidelines they couldn’t after all admit to monitoring the vamps and the operatives couldn’t interfere till the vampire actually became a threat. Stupid laws.

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