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Fic: Man's best friend (16/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

“You want this right, this isn’t some holdover, some…” he shut her up with a kiss. She seemed shy, all blushing red.

“I’m yours.” He said. “And not just because you got the adoption papers to show for it.”

He wiggled a bit and could feel her flush on top of him. She kissed the tip of his nose. Sweet, too sweet. Like a child, exploring on a new adventure. He wanted to throw her over and be on top at least once, but she wouldn’t budge.

“No no mister, you do know the Slayer’s always on top.” He shook for a second till he realized she was joking. He was dying to prove her wrong.

"Is that so." he sat up, kissing her, pulling her down with him through her need of his lips.

She let go, her fingers moving over his zipper. Brushing her finger over his skin as she pulled it down, following a trail over his hairless chest. He could still remember the pain of the electrolysis that his last owner had used to get rid of the hair. Could remember the pain, the fear, the pleasure …He hated her, he’d loved her, he’d loved all his masters. Loved them like a dog loved the one to fill his bowl.

Was that what this was? Did he love Buffy because she was Buffy, or because she was his master? She opened him up, so willing to make him happy. He was just scared that she’d rip his heart out with a kiss and there’d be nothing he could do to stop her.

But then she stopped.
”William? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. We really don’t.”

“Spike.” She looked at him, not understanding.
”My name’s Spike.”

Buffy leaned back, not sure what to say.
”William was a poncy wanker even when he was alive. I’m not him, will never be him.”
William was an idiot who let himself get caught and laughed as he was walked around on a leash. Even as his master made him crawl on hand and feet he’d laughed because the master let him come along. Laughed as he was forced down by human after human.

William was better off dead.
”My name is Spike.”

“And you think that doesn’t make you sound like a pet?”


She was almost sorry she said that, considering the look on his face. But come on? Spike?! She wouldn’t even name a dog that way.
“So where were we?”

Seduction 101 must have been his top class at the pet school. Damn she was still going to have to make him go wasn’t she? It would be suspicious if she paid for it and then didn’t show up. Well she could pretend she just forgot, not like William, uhm Spike, had really needed the training. They could still take Angel there if they had to.

“Oh yes here.” Goosebumps formed under her fingers as she finally got the zipper all the way down and up again, her fingers hurried over his crotch. She couldn’t help but blush as the zipper got stuck for a second and her fingers brushed over naked hard flesh as she got it open all the way. He just sat there looking up at her in need, opening his legs till she sat between them. Bucking up to help her undress him. With the programming he hadn’t been allowed to touch the zipper. Vampires had no right to choose whether or not to weir the skin-tight outfits. Was that why he lay so still now, some residual training from the wipe?

She should just order him to turn over, or better tell him to get undressed, but it was too much fun playing with him as her very own ken doll, exploring him while she got the suit off. She kissed him again and as he followed her up she got the top part of the suit off, pulling it further down, lingering on his buttocks, his thighs, his feet, till he sat there naked. He was holding on to his legs. She placed a soft kiss on his knee, watching him smile as he looked up again.

Their next kiss was harsh, hurried, enough to get him to want more, or so she hoped.
“How much do you want me slayer?”

She didn’t answer in words, she didn’t even bother getting her shirt off. Her skirt was easily pushed up and she let him pull her panties out of the way. He moaned, she didn’t stop even for a second untill sat up over him, almost instinctively. Unsure what to do in her mind, unsure how to do it and then instinct took over. She could feel herself grabbing him and positioning herself over his cock. Sinking down on top of him, it went without thinking, like a primal part of her knew what to do and the rest of her just went along with it.
“Yes Slayer Yes!”
She could hear him scream for her, could hear him moan her title and the slayer in her responded to that and took him harder and harder while the girl Buffy looked as if from a distance eager and afraid at the same time.

"Buffy, I'm Buffy." She whispered as she sank down one last time, him still inside of her. As she took him in further, she felt a sharp, ripping pain that passed almost as soon as she'd noticed it. Was this what sex was supposed to be like?

“Buffy my darling mistress Buffy.” All the while his hands moved to her breasts, his mouth raising up till he suckled her like a newborn lamb. But he wasn’t a lamb, as the hard stick inside of her proved, bending as he leaned up, making her feel.
”My mistress.” She just wanted to shut him up and have him kiss her again.
”Can I come mistress, please may I?”

Begging so lovely, concentration on his face as if he smelled something that was beyond her. Would she let him, teasing him she waited to respond. As she…

She startled almost as much as Spike did when Angel came running into the room. The darker vampire saw the two of them and was instantly whimpering on the floor.

Most surprising of all, Spike was still hard, still in need and all she could think was that there was another vampire in the room, looking at her while she sat on top of a hard vampire, right about ready to bring him off. How much worse could this get?

The one question you should never ever ask. Buffy grew into a full body blush as she door opened once more to the sight of her mom and Dawn who were following Angel. Spike groaned, she blushed and worst of all he was still hard. She wondered if he had it as bad as she did. Feeling his balls against her, she nearly screamed at everyone to leave.

Dawn just stood there, so much trying to glare at them; her eyes wide open, and her mouth as well. .

"Oh god."
Dawn was still frozen in place, she didn’t move till mom pushed her out. Mom was… she stood there looking at them and Buffy didn’t dare move an inch.

Then they both left and Spike laughed. A short laugh, one giggle, two, then he got control of himself. She wasn't so lucky. He moaned as she moved under her giggles, her muscles pulling tighter around him as she hiccupped with laughter. ”Please.” Begging now.

She was too busy giggling to say yes. Angel just sat on his haunches, looking at them both.

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