Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just read this rant on Wedding Crashers through Metaquotes

Now I haven't seen the movie, probably wouldn't have anyway since I'm not into slapstick. But this reminds me painfully of Gone. The whole males can't be raped... resulting in making it ok for Buffy to throw Spike against the wall, tear his clothes off and start the sex before he even finds out it's her. Not to mention, even worse, later on having her ignore his no as he's asking her to leave and starting to go down on him until a point where he had to throw her out to get her to stop.

It's weird but the worst part of that was the funny music. That it's ok for Buffy to do so, cause there's funny music, and if she's pouting because he had the guts to throw her out. So it's ok for her to force him into sex. (esp. compared to the depiction of Seeing Red)

Yeah, I know, a lot of people'd say it isn't the same thing, but damn it, it is.

Rape is rape, wether it's a man raping a woman or a woman raping a man. The only difference is, Spike felt enough guilt to go fight to get his soul back; Buffy was just pissed off that he dared to say no.

Sorry reading that just brought up one of my main issues with s6, uhm, I do like Buffy, still do, just get furious on occasion how many of her sins to Spike were just utterly ignored. Because she's the girl, the hero and that's just wrong.

Don't even get me started on how little attention was spent on Willow's rape, both of the mind and body of Tara. (sorry, but if you have sex with someone who's under the influence (wether through a roofie or through magic) then that's rape. And Willow should NOT have gotten away with it as easily as she did.

End of rant.

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