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Fic: Man's best friend (14/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Buffy turned to the others, her eyes wide open in shock.
"You knew." she whispered. She grabbed Cordy's arms. "You knew, what did you see Cordy, tell me. Tell me!"

"Willow, I saw her, with blood and Faith on the ground, there was a car and blood, more blood."

Buffy kept shaking her, wanting more information.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't think anyone would ever die." Cordy was sobbing madly.

Xander came back in the house and was looking through some photographs. He carefully pushed them back together before placing them on the diner table. He stood there, face blank.
"The car's gone. I think Willow took it."

Buffy barely heard him.
"I'm so sorry, but they were never this big, they were just dreams, daydreams, daymares, whatever. Just stuff that guy put in my head."

"What guy?"

"Mister Doyle. The guys from the Demon Initiative came for him and he tried to run. He ran into me. I still remember, he touched me, touched my hand, my face. He said they couldn't be lost, so he kissed me. Then the soldiers arrived and dragged him away. I can still hear his screams."

"Oh God." Buffy grabbed Cordelia closer.

"I was scared alright, I didn't know what they'd do if they knew, if I told them he gave me those things. But they hurt and there were those images. If I went to sign up as a seer, then my life would be over. I wouldn't be Cordelia Chase, just seer number so many and I was scared."

Xander bowed his head, his hands reaching for the pictures again. He pushed them in his coat.
"We have to go if we still want to catch her."

Buffy was about to agree when the sound of laughter came from behind them. She turned around.
"To think that I thought that all I'd get here was some freerange vamps to be and then look at you."
Coach Thompson was dressed in all black, he stared at the three of them and at Chastity. It was only then that Buffy noticed the blood on the girls lips. God no.
"You can't..."
Buffy went in a fighting stance.

Two men flanked the coach, a third, behind them was pulling a vampire along, Harmony.

"Oh don't worry kids, you're not going to stay dead. I wonder what being turned would do to a slayer. But then, I was a science major, before they made me a gym teacher."


Buffy went into attack, kicking the coach. He tried to grab her, she hit him down.
Cordy tried to go for the door. One of the men was aiming a gun at her.
"Don't you dare damage the bitch", he screamed "she's valuable."

Of course she would be, a vampire seer, if seers were rare, then vampire seers were nigh non-existent. To have one, meant you could have your very own pet-visionary. People would pay millions for that. If the visions held, after the change, otherwise she’d just be one more dead girl. Buffy was thinking all that while she tried to keep the bad guys from grabbing her. She was almost surprised when she heard the sound of a gunshot. So was the coach. They both looked back and saw Xander holding a gun, Faiths father’s gun. Coach Thompson stopped; Buffy could see that Xander was hesitating, ready to shoot the man. Buffy grabbed his hand. Come on, we have to go after her.

"He killed her Buffy. He took her, and he killed her. That bastard killed her."

Buffy stood there, not sure what to say.

"He grabbed all three of us, I remember wearing a blindfold after he pushed us in the car, me, Willow, Jesse. We were on a camping trip with school and he was one of the guidance counsellors. I trusted him and then he knocked us out."

Buffy stared at the man in even more disbelief.

"We weren't supposed to see who he was. I'm sure of that, but I woke up to soon, so I just pretended I was still out. I watched as he cut her throat and make his vampire drink her. Willow nearly choked as they pushed the blood in her throat."

The coach was smiling at that, as if it were a happy memory. Buffy wanted to punch him in the face, but she couldn't let Xander kill him, not like this.

"Please Xander, he's not worth it. You can tell the cops they'll..."

"But I did tell them, they didn't believe me, told me it was the drugs, that I just imagined it. That I just imagined him killing Jesse after he was through with Willow, that he was coming up to me, his knife at my throat." His hand moved to push his collar out of the way and Buffy could see the remaining scar."

"Just too bad the damn cops interfered boy, otherwise you'd now already be someone's household's pet."
He grinned. "Or my pet, if I hadn't gotten tired of you yet."
The gun fired, Xander had missed.

All Buffy could think of was her mom and Dawn and William. God William, what if he joined Willow in her killing spree, her mom would never see it coming. Guilt flooded through her as she realized she’d left an unleashed free range vampire in her house. She hadn’t even bothered to chain him up in her room.

Xander was aiming again, Buffy didn’t have a clue how many bullets were still in the gun, had Faiths dad used any? They had to get out now, immediately.

The coach was coming closer, come on boy, just try it. Xander couldn’t do it, couldn’t kill a man, not even now. Thompson still smiled as he went down, a rain of gunfire. Buffy turned around as in slow motion.


“You’re not touching them”
Spike pulled Joyce behind him and into the room. His collar clenched around his throat, making him wonder if he was insane or what he was doing. But it was his family that was in danger and he wouldn’t let them get hurt. Willow smirked, her finger nails long and sharp.

“Still a pet William? Is that all you want to be? Don’t you want to be free?”

God yes. Of course he wanted to be free, he wanted to be out and look up... the Fairy lady. Oh god what was her name. He'd loved her since the day he'd risen, yet he couldn't even remember her name. He could remember faces, or names and they didn't match.

"Don't you see what they've done to you Willie boy? To us?"
Willow came closer, leaning up against him.
"We should be their hunters, ruling them and they turned us into animals. They destroyed us, or tried to. Isn't that enough to kill them? To kill them all."

"Not mum and Dawn."

"She's not your mother!" Willow hit him and he was sure she was convinced it would beat him back. Only it didn't. He was much stronger than her, even weakened like now, he was still a century old vampire while she was just a fledgling. Just a child. He could teach her, take her with him, let her be the vampire she was meant to be. "She's not your mother"

"I don't even remember my mother", was all he said, and he hated that he couldn't remember her. He reached out to the girl; touched her face, she smiled at him. He didn’t smile back and tore her head off.


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