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Fic: Man's best friend (12/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Buffy didn't dare leave William at home after that night. She ordered him in the car like usual. Well not entirely, he didn't usually wear extra chains. She hated it, hated tying him up like that. But the thought of him killing anyone because she was careless was too much to take. The worst part though was that Dawn went along with them. Well Dawn and Cordelia, who for some reason seemed to stay stuck with them. She tried to tell Cordy that she could just go home, that there was nothing to worry about. She'd even asked her what her mother would think of her staying away like that. Cordy had just shrugged and continued brushing Angel's long hair. Not that it helped him much.

William had been trembling since she’d told him to get in the car. She’d tried to assure him, promise him she wouldn’t bring him back to the vampfarm as long as he wasn’t a threat. But she didn’t think he believed her. Dawn kept glaring at her and she didn’t understand what the little shirt thief had to be angry about. It’s not like she was wearing ‘her’ nice new red shirt that she’d only just gotten a week ago.

They stopped at the mall and everyone got out of the car like an endless parade of clowns. Cordy held tightly on to Angel’s leash and Dawn's grim gaze hit like a rock to Cordelia's face when the cheerleader nearly pulled him over to get him out of the way of a bunch of kids that ran past.

Angel kept looking at William. William at first seemed short with the other vampire, then she realized that more was going on and William seemed happy to have his hand brush Angel’s till he noticed what he was doing. Buffy didn’t bother to take Spike to the pen. The slayers there might figure out that something was wrong with him and she couldn’t risk it. As a result of course, Cordy considered keeping Angel around as well. It was almost like she was using him like a guard dog, keeping him in between herself and anyone that might even touch him. Then a pack of shoes caught her attention and with Angel looking at them as if he might want to chew on the things, it was off to the pen for him.

They went into a few shops, got some new stuff. The shopgirl looked at William’s chains and gave her a knowing look.

“Come on Will.” She went into a changing boot and pulled him in with her. Could hardly leave him out of her sight. Until she realized, she was in a changing booth, with a vampire, a very male vampire, who was coming very close to seeing her naked. Who had seen her naked, before, every night. It was different though; very different.

He raised an eyebrow. She blushed and pushed him out.
"Don't try anything."
She'd never gotten changed that fast before in her life.


Spike was almost starting to think he’d rather have been in the pen when Buffy suddenly dragged him along with her in the changing booth. He tried not to look at her too much, tried not to remember what she looked like under her clothes. He tried to stamp it out, but parts of the Victorian were still inside of him, even under the rubber suit.

He raised his eyebrow, she pushed him out and somehow it mattered. He’d seen her naked a dozen times before, yet now she blushed at the thought of him seeing her and it mattered. He stood in front of the mirror waiting for her. It might as well have been part of the wall for all the good it did him.

His fingers played with his leash. He could try and make a run for it, even with the chains between his wrists and ankles. She smelled nice though, like springtime. Dawn was looking at a dress on the other side of the shop. Looking at it he hoped that Buffy would stop her, it was by far too revealing for a kid her age. It was probably too revealing for a lady Joyce’s age. Never mind that half the kids in the mall wore stuff just like it. It wasn’t good enough for his girls.

His. Dawn playing with lipstick and pretence at being a big girl. Buffy behind the curtain, treating him like a man, instead of like a dog. Joyce who’d given him a soft talking too about leaving the basement without permission, but who even though she treated him like a kid, still gave him more respect than over half of his previous masters put together.

He wasn’t all too sure if he wanted to leave them, even if he could.

"So how do I look in this?"
He turned his attention back to her and his mouth fell wide open. She was gorgeous.

“I’ll take it you approve?”
Buffy turned around and showed off her new dress. Spike smiled, it was just a moment, but it felt like being out with his girl. His lovely girl that should know better but still…

A couple of kids were playing tag while running through the store, one of them ran into him. He growled, but remembered himself just in time.

Buffy seemed to be about ready to interfere and Spike quickly moved towards her, trying to avoid the kids that were still running. Skipping around him, between them. He looked for Buffy desperately. She smiled a second and then grabbed his hand and pulled him close. Their faces mere inches apart, almost like he could kiss her. Almost like she wanted to be kissed. Their lips touched, he quickly pulled away, touching his lips. She stood there, silently. He knelt down while she went back in the booth. He was still touching his lips.


Faith gave them an odd look when she joined them later. Cordy was all “I’m too good for you, but I’ll treat you better than that because I choose too, even though I’m really behaving like a bitch” towards her. In other words, business like usual.

“So what’s Willie boy doing here instead of in the pen?”

Buffy pulled Wills chains tighter.
”He was a bit restless earlier. I thought it was better to keep him close for a bit.”

Faith nodded and dropped the subject before pulling them to the espresso bar. William kneeled besides her like a good little pet and it felt odd. He always sat like that, so she didn’t know why it was so weird. Probably the part where any time now, he could try to make a run for it and kill someone, even if he wasn’t even trying any such thing.

She wished she could ask him what he was thinking, anything to find out what she ought to be doing. Dawn and Faith were babbling and Cordy tried to sit as far away from them as possible, without leaving the small round table that they were at.

"Xander says that there are three times as many vampires now than there were before the sharing spell." Dawn said.

"Did he?"

“Xander says that every week, three or four kids get kidnapped and turned into vampires.”

Faith was humouring the kid and Dawn kept going on, sharing the wisdom that the ‘great Xander’ had given her. Buffy couldn’t help smile at that. Dawnie had a crush.

Buffy noticed that Faith was wearing a bandage on her arm, when she asked Faith about it, she just shrugged.
”Got into a tussle with Willow. Damn bitch just keeps going wild. Can you believe she actually bit me? I mean, me, her master and that good for nothing piece of dust waiting to happen had the guts to bite me.”

“What did you do?”

“Lock her up and had her thinking on it. Well after I spanked her ass till it was red as a balloon. I’ll probably beat the shit out of her later. Can’t tolerate that kind of attitude. Who knows what she might try next if I let her get away with it.”

Buffy winced; she wondered what Faith had done to make Willow bite her. Even Willow wasn’t that rebellious that she’d dare to go in against both programming and the chip, without a reason.

“Why’d she bite you?” Dawn asked the question that Buffy didn’t dare bring up.

“Guess she didn’t like her new diet. Put her on ratblood extract for the past week. Dad cut my allowance and I had to cut down on something.”
By the look of Faiths new leather pants it was clear she didn’t mean her clothing.

“Xander says that Willow used to be the smartest girl in his class.”

“Dumb bitch sure doesn’t act like it.” For Faith that was the end of it, but Buffy could feel William tense up, softly rumbling, not quite a growl.. She patted his head and bowed down to whisper to him. ”Don’t worry; mom wouldn’t let me do anything like that, even if I ever wanted to. God, she’d make me get a job before she’d let me starve you.”

Faith glared at her when she heard that, but Buffy didn't care. She grabbed one of the chocolates from her coffee and gave it to William. His smile at her was heartbreaking. She wished she could just … she didn’t know what she wanted to do. All she knew was that she liked the way that his eyes glowed when he looked at her. She wished she could make him do it more often.

Faith grabbed her stuff and got up to go get Willow. Buffy went after her and as a result so did William. Well William and Dawn who quickly grabbed his leash before it got trapped under something. Cordy muttered something about how she hadn’t even finished her espresso, but nobody cared for that.

She could hear William growl when the slayers got Willow and Angel out of the pen. Seeing him as he got closer, Buffy couldn’t help but agree. The large vampire was sporting a bruise or two on his face and you could see fingernails scratches running down from his eye.

Cordy ran up to him, started shouting at the slayers, demanding to know what had happened. Didn’t she pay enough to keep him safe, how had they dared to let him get hurt? Angel leaned in against her, as if looking for protection. Cordy petted him and kept looking at his injuries.

Faith did no such thing when the slayers brought Willow out, tightly chained and clearly being punished. Blood on her lips. Faith almost growled and hit Willow. The vampire merely stood there. Buffy wondered if Faith even noticed the anger in her eyes anymore.

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