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Fic: Man's best friend (10/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Spike wondered later if he’d have gotten away with the pretense if things hadn’t been so busy. Joyce called the cops and they promised to send someone over, but it didn't sound like they believed her. And why would they? Her daughter had been the one to attack the guy they were accusing only a few days before. And all she had was hearsay. They seemed to stop listening at just about the moment that she said that the kids had 'overheard' something. Joyce had then checked for a place for Xander to sleep, preferably somewhere out of sight.

The couch had quickly been disregarded for that. For one thing it was far too short. For a moment they thought of Dawn sharing a room with Buffy and giving Xander hers. But then Cordelia simply refused to go back home once Joyce had made her call. Claiming a lack of insanity with the coach out for blood. As a result, Spike ended up with two roommates in the basement, one vampire and one human boy. He wondered what Xander thought of the cot now that he might be looking forward to more of it in the future.

Joyce had of course put in a second bed and Angel got to sleep in the cage, so he at least didn't have to give up his own pallet. The only good thing about this sleepover. Buffy had tried to get Joyce to let him sleep in her own room, like always. Joyce refused, not with Cordy in the same room. Especially since Cordy started looking at Angel the moment Buffy had made her own suggestion.

Spike couldn't help staring at Angel. He'd wanted to be angry, but he realized now that Angel had only tried to protect him. If he hadn't been so stubborn, then neither of them would have been mindwiped. Not then at the least. Angel had tried to coddle with him again, he’d looked so lost when Spike refused him, but Spike hadn't even been able to look at his sire. By the time the bigger vampire finally fell asleep Spike was still restless. Unfortunately, so was the boy. Spike could see his continues stolen glances, he wished he could tear his eyes out. It's not like the kid would have cared any bit about vampires, if it hadn't been his own life at stake.

"Do they always make you sleep here?"
Spike stared at him and quickly looked away.
"I mean, it's better than some places I've seen, but still...Can't be fun to stay somewhere this dark."

"I guess it's safer." And he nearly hit himself, should talk more stupid, couldn't let himself be caught like this.

"Yeah”, the boy sat up on his cot and covered himself in his sleepingbag. Spike stayed under his own blanket. It was fleece, with a picture of a cat sewed on it.
"Do you think Angel's sleeping alright in that cage? It looks a bit cramped."

"It's big enough."
And Spike couldn't help but wonder what was going on. He'd expected the kid to be terrified of him and Angel, but he hadn't even fought when Joyce had suggested that he might sleep in the basement as well.

"For you maybe, but he is bigger than you. Maybe I should offer him my bed. He must have it hard enough as it is with someone like Queen C as his owner."

Spike had to hide his head, not believing his ears.
"He's sleeping." is all he said and Xander let it go.

"Am I keeping you awake? I'm sorry."

And the very idea of a human, other than his family, telling him they were sorry, it nearly killed him. Since when would a human care about a vampire’s comfort?

For a few blessed moments the boy was finally quiet. Until Angelus started shaking in the cage. Spike hated the bits of him that wanted to jump up and hold on to him to keep the nightmares away. He hated it even more when the boy did get up and started opening the cage. Angel was crying. Spike growled as the boys hand moved to his sire's head. Xander didn't notice and continued. Stupid human, probably thought they were helpless little kittens. but they weren't, they were vampires. Evil. Even the kindness of the boy was sickening, treating them as if he had nothing to worry about. Spike barely even noticed he was getting off of his pallet.

"Shhh it's ok." Talking like a whisperer, kind words that just meant they were nothing.

"Get away from him." he growled. Xander turned back to him in a moment that felt like hours. Spike's ridges had gone up and the boy backed off just one step, but kept steady after that. Still fearless. "Get away from him!" He grabbed the boy's collar and pulled him up, expecting fear. What he didn't expect was that even with the smell of fear strongly surrounding him, the boy refused to show it.

"I'm sorry. "Xander said, but he didn't say it because he was scared. He said it because he meant it.

"Not some toothless kitten brat." Spike wanted to say, but he couldn't. Too dangerous, too...

"I didn't mean to insult you, or him. I know this can't be easy for you."
Spike put him down in shock.
"I can understand you wanting to kill me. After what's been done to you. So I'm sorry."
Spike sat back on his pallet and stared at the boy. What was wrong with him? Too calm by far.
"Are you still in there William? The real you, not the pet, not the toy, the real you?"
And Spike could only think that Xander had to be trying to trick him into revealing something
"Too easy to just tell me. I can understand that."
His fear grew, he started shaking. What if the boy knew?
"I wish we could save you. But the last time we tried, the Institute's hunters just found the vamps back within a week. it's probably safer for you here, than it would be in the wild."
Increasing Spike's worries. What if he could never get out.
"I know you're in there you have to be. You are right? Please?"
The boys pleading voice hurt more than a whisperers false promises of safety.


The streets were empty, a few men and women stood on either side of the roads and as she walked between them she could feel their eyes staring down on her. She noticed she was following someone, he turned around and she almost wanted to say hi to William. He was holding a leash in his hand, she touched her neck and could feel the collar it connected to.

"Am I sleeping?" she asked him. He didnt answer but led her along the path and she saw several others chained to the entrance of a pub. He took her in. A few men hung over a tub, their blood slowly slipping away from them through the cuts in their neck.
"This isn't a happy dream."

But noone listened to her as the demons drank and cheered, watching television. The show looked like an old one. The weakest link. The contestants seemed terrified, she wondered why, it was just questions. Then one of them got voted off and started pleading for her life. "I'm so sorry, please no, give me another chance..." But her hopes were ignored and she was pushed into
on a chair, her neck down. Her clothes were torn off. "Please", but her head was cut off. And everyone smiled as a boy wearing an apron with 'good cooking' on it pushed her over to the next stage. A short image was shown of the cook waiting for the meat.

Buffy stared at the demon waving his large knives around and couldn't keep looking as the contestants were made to answer questions again. William didn't leave though, making her watch the entire show. The second loser was forced down as a stick was pushed inside of him. He screamed and screamed until his head sagged. The spit with him on it was pushed away by two naked boys. The third, the fourth... until finally the 'winner' stood there trembling. She got pulled away from the platform and a collar was slapped around her neck. The winner of the highest prize of them all, pet status. She screamed as she was dragged along to be auctionned off. The demons cheered as pieces of the previous contestants were spread amongst the demon audience while the credits ran.

Buffy closed her eyes and when she opened them again she was in a cage, she was the 'lucky' winner. And demons all around her, bid for her. Jeering her on. The auctioneer pushed apart her thighs and showed her breasts and she just wished she could run away. She closed her eyes and she was in the pub again. William was petting her hair and she wanted to push his hand away. She couldn't though, her body wouldn't obey her no more and all she could feel was love for someone she should hate.
"Please master. I'm sorry."

But the vampire wouldn't listen and she was sent into a cage while he finished his business. Just a child, a mere child, unable to control anything, even herself. She wanted to sink down into herself, her body simply moaned under his hand, wether she was in it or not. Her mind flew over the land, demon feeding farms, were children where nursed from bottles, till a demon grabbed a few of them. Some got a collar, the others died. Their meat packaged and processed, their blood drained. All nice and easy.

Raised as slaves, the young ones didn't know better. The grown ups slowly withered till all of them either accepted their fate or died. Buffy woke up screaming in stereo. She wouldn't know at that point, but the second voice screaming came from the bed besides her.

She sat up in her bed, holding her hand, seeing images of a demon zee flashing in front of her eyes, watching it skip in between the images of LA county zoo, the cage with the vampires, with the Fyarl and watching those inhabited by humans in her dreams. Her fists tensed and she tried to close her eyes, it was useless for sleep would not return.


None of them knew, not that day, not the next, but someone watched the dark house in the middle of the street. Sounds in the van, voices from the basement, the rest of the house, the girls nightmares. They ignored them all and moved on to the next.

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