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Fic: Man's best friend (9/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Dawn ran up to him, jumping on his neck.
"I got an A. William I got an A, I can't believe it."
Spike stood there stunned, the girl hanging on his neck and then she let go and ran up to the bathroom.

"I got an A!" He watched her jumping up and down, the bathroom door ajar with steam coming out of it. Slamming it shut and storming down again. A little bundle of energy so eager for a release like one of those energy boosters that they sold on daytime tv. He wondered if they still did, he hadn't seen that show since being brought here. Joyce didn't believe in daytime tv to keep the vampires busy like their last owner had. She didn't believe in beating up a vampire for fun either, which was new.

Spike followed after the girl. She was picking his food and he kept staring at her neck. There was a nice red trace going down her shirt, almost like an arrow pointing the way to the happy spot.

"Are you really sure you don't want it in a cup William. I'm sure mom wouldn't mind."
And he said yes before he could stop himself. She gave him an odd look, surprised, he knew she'd expected a no. Then she poured the mix in a cup and added a little umbrella before pushing it over to him. He picked it up and stared at it, even his new looser collar felt uncomfortable as he stared at the young girl, the one that should be prime prey. She was young, deliciously so and all he could think of her was 'family'.

He shook his head trying to stop it, wanting to want to kill her. But she wasn't food and he couldn't make him get over the kindness of her voice even as she pushed a blood snack his way before she even finished her own sandwich. He prayed for her to leave him to his meal, and his thoughts, but she put some chicken wings in the microwave and put it in front of them both before he could come to a decision. He was slowly dipping his chicken wing in his blood when Joyce came down, a towel around her hair. Mom, Joyce smiled as she saw him drinking from the cup.

“Good boy William, good boy!”
She patted his back and praised him and hugged him and a big sense of warmth spread inside of him. Memories, recent one, of kindness and caring, of nice words and people who loved him in their own way; it was too much for him and he stepped back. Part of him still wanted to sit up and revel in the praise. The pet was still there, desperate for a kind hand, a gentle word. And the odd thing was that that was all he’d gotten since he’d come here. Kindness for kindness sake. That alone was more than enough to make him forgive the humiliation of being a pet.

“Dawn did you let William out of his cage?”
Spike nearly choked, he really didn’t want to hurt mom… Joyce and Dawn. But he wouldn’t let them take his mind again, he'd been gone so long, didn't they understand that what came back from the mindwipe wouldn't be him anymore?
“Sorry mom, I just wanted to tell him about my A.”

Joyce shook her head and ignored it. Dawn stared at him and he bowed his head, trying to pretend. When she went back upstairs to get a hairbrush, he turned to Dawn, waiting for the verdict. Would this be the end of it, did she know, would she talk? He'd hate to have to kill her, but he wasn't going back.
”You never drink out of a cup. So are you going to kill us now?”

And he found himself answering: “No.”


“I want him sucking my cock within a month Walsh. If you can’t make sure of that, I’ll see if the Vegas firm has more use for my abilities.”
Buffy froze as she heard coach Thompson’s voice from the office they were passing on their way to the restroom. She stopped Cordy in her path and fought to hear every word.

“That brat’s been pestering me for years. It’s better to take him out now, than to let him grow up and become some godforsaken politician. Who knows who that idiot will get to listen to him.”

“You do understand that the Sunnydale institute for vampire rehabilitation can not in any way be associated…”

The coach snorted loudly.
”Don’t give me that crap, you guys haven’t had a single problem buying every single vamp I had made for you. So don’t start pissing me off now.”

Every... and Buffy thought of all the kids that had disappeared over the past few years. Harmony, Owen, Scott, Aura, Lisa, Donnie, ... so many of them and all of them trusting the coach. The man had been the one to give them self defense classes, he'd been giving them tips on how to be safe, on how to be slayers.

“There are other ways of getting new vampires mister Thompson.” A clear threat.
”And I assure you, your lack of looks won’t be a single problem for the mines, steelfactories or laboratories that we provide with vampire specimens.”

Buffy got closer to the door, quickly looking behind her and hoping that Cordy was smart enough to at least stand guard.
"I don't see the problem for you anyway. The kid fits the criteria. Young, full grown and attractive. Soon as I'm through with him, you can sell him to anyone you feel like."
Buffy could feel her spine near to snapping as she heard the man laughing. It was hollow, almost inhuman. But he was human, so human, so evil.
"He's even got the parents that won't give a damn if you give 'm enough money to keep their mouths shut. Hell the vamp money is probably the only profit they've ever had of the brat. Offer it in advance and they'll probably hand him right over."

If she'd hoped for the farmworker to disagree, it was a futile hope. "Just remember, you can't just target one. It would pull too much attention. We had enough problems when you grabbed the Kendall girl. Grab three or four, preferably together. We can't have your name connected with the harvesting."

“Oh I will, I’ve got a few cheerleaders that I’ve been keeping my eyes on. As long as I get Harris, you can have anyone else you want. “

A sound came from the hall and Buffy stood there stunned. Cordy grabbed her hand and pulled her along to the restrooms. They were inside right before a keeper or two came down bringing through two vampires ready for purchase. She stared at Cordy, still not believing what she’d just heard.

“Are they going to kill Xander?”

“No, they’re just going to invite him for tea.” Buffy shook her head even as she left the restroom. Trying to ignore that even Cordy was shaking now. The thought that Cordy was a cheerleader herself didn't even enter her mind until later.


Spike could feel the slayer arriving home before she even opened the door. A boy and a girl were with her. He could smell fear coming from the boy, even if he tried desperately to pretend he wasn’t scared. He put a schoolbag down and stood there fiddling with his hands in his pockets, head bowed down.

"Mom you have to call the cops."

Mom... Joyce placed down the iron she'd been using and looked at all three of them.

"Coach Thompson was planning to have Xander murdered and turned so that he could make him his vampire sex slave."

Spike's attention piqued even if he tried not to show it. He wasn't really sure why he even cared. The boy wasn't him. So what if he got turned, that still didn't make him family, it still didn't...

"Angel what are you doing? You can't let them."
Angel just looked sadly and tied his feet together. Bowing over him, he whispered: "Don't fight. It's better if you don't fight them."
Spike cursed his name even as they dragged him off the submarine. Angel begged him to just give in,
but he did fight them, every day, every night, refusing their orders, refusing to be their pet soldier. Angel tried to beat it out of him and they let it happen, hoping his sire would get him to toe the line.

Until one night, they pulled him to the front and forced a collar around his neck. He could still see Pen smiling, he could still hear Angel pleading: "Please another chance, he's young, he'll learn." They didn't care and marked his back as a pet and when Angel tried to stop them, they did the same to him. Spike was too furious with him, still, to do anything other than scowl at him. At the time he didn't think there could be a fate worse than death. He was soon proven wrong.

He screamed that first time, when they took his mind away from him. He screamed the second time and the third and the fourth and all the times after that. It didn't take them long to make him behave. Because the pet he became had never known anything else.

“William. Yo William, what’s wrong?”
He stared up at mistress, at Buffy, she was waving her hand in front of him. He should be terrified now, do something to submit to her, but he couldn’t find it in himself to do so. She shrugged it off, but the boy stared at him. He couldn’t not bow down his head after that. The kid could make a fine vampire though.

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