Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Let's see who I can get to answer this one

There's a pic in this post, I'm willing to offer two months of a paid lj-account to the first five persons willing to write a fic, longer than 2000 words, based on that pic and this premise:

AU: Post-Grave, Spike doesn't get back to Sunnydale. Three years later a second character finds him while travelling through Africa. He's chained up in a mental hospital. The doctors know he's a vampire, but instead of killing him, they saw his pain and tried to help him. He's chained up because he keeps trying to hurt himself, or go out in the sunlight.

Preferred pairings: B/S, S/A, S/Methos*

(* Take the Methos option and I'm willing to add an extra icons thing on top of it)

Please no PWP's.

Anyway, I can't write it myself, because if I let myself get distracted now, It'll take ages before I complete 'Man's best friend' and I'd prefer to finish the ones I'm already working on first.

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