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I've known this for a bit over a week, it's why I went to the Ham folkfestival last weekend. (well actually to my mom and ended up having to stay at the festival at least till eleven at night)

Tess is dying...

For those not aware, which is most of you. Tess is my mom's youngest dog, a scottish collie of about ten years old. She's a sweet very sweet and obedient dog that loves being cuddled and going on walks. She's got these beautiful eyes that begged for more every time she got food.

We got Tess a few years ago, when my mom's then boyfriend Henk moved in with us. I didn't really like the guy, but he was good for my mom and she loved him. Tess was his dog. When Henk died, the dog stayed with us. I know she was a lot of comfort to my mom to have that last part of Henk left.

And now she's dying, stomach cancer. At most she's got till december.

She's barely eating and when she does eat, she throws up. Mom doesn't dare leave her alone too long and I barely see her anymore since mom's living in Ham and I'm living in Herentals. (for those not aware, that's at least half an hour drive with a car, while I only have a motorcycle.) I could go visit, but it's not half as easy as it used to be.

I miss them, both my doggies. Tess and Trees and I can't even begin to imagine what I'd feel like if Trees were to be dying. Since as much as Tess is my moms dog, Trees was mine and my brother Stefaan's.

Don't even know why I'm writing this, not like I say much about them on lj, but... I just had to say at least something about it. Even if only for me. I just wish I could see her more often.
She's a damn good dog and I'm almost crying just thinking about losing her.
This sucks.

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