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Fic: Man's best friend (8/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

School had been hell. With both students and teachers looking at her like she were some kind of criminal and the coach glaring at her in pure hatred; she'd wanted to run home even before first period had finished. That and her lack of ambition on her social issues essay had now led her to a forced partnership with Cordy and Xander. At least working with Xander wouldn't be too bad. And since Xander was the only one of the three of them to have turned in his subject, they had no choice but to go along with it. ‘The social impact of vampire slavery on modern society.’

Mom had called her an hour before and she was just about ready to scream at both Cordy and Xander to just shut up already. Angel was in a full fledged posing position. Meaning that he was supposed to be on his knees, legs wide and his arms behind his back. OK for a few moments, but considering he'd been sitting like that for the past hour she worried that he might be getting tired. William was in down position at her feet, slouched down, he wasn't leaning up against her leg like usual.

"All right Xander, We'll be going to that vampfarm. Just don't expect me to write anything down, because I so have no intention of doing any work while my nails aren't fully dry yet." Never mind that Cordy had finished polishing her nail over half an hour ago, when she should have been writing stuff down to begin with. Xander snorted at that and got a folder out of his bag. On the front it had a picture of two vampires, one in game face in a cage and another, a clearly tame one, sitting in kneel looking up at his master. Buffy glanced through the rest of the folder, it was mostly information on The Sunnydale Institute. What they did, who was in charge, how to get in contact...

"I've got a meeting set up later this evening. All open house about how they torture and enslave their vampires to turn them into obedient pets. It's sickening and all, even though you can't say that or they'll probably throw us out before we've even get a proof that we've actually been there."

Could she reconsider that that working with Cordy was the worst bit of it. Xander was ok, she guessed, but he did get a bit fanatical at times. Buffy hoped she could keep herself from getting bored, as if those guys at the farm would ever let them see anything that would prove Xander’s theory.


William was still as Joyce put the shower on. He grabbed his legs and pulled close on himself. Why couldn’t he take a shower on his own? For some reason, even mom’s presence, much as he loved her made him realize his nudity even more. He didn’t say so, just tried not to be seen. Joyce gave him a towel and helped him dry up. And he felt ashamed as she touched him.

She stared at him oddly and William tried to smile. He hadn’t even thought about asking if he could play in the shower. His duck untouched. What was wrong with him? He had good and kind masters, humans that cared about him, that didn’t hurt him, so why was he feeling like this? Like he didn’t belong.

He stared at the mirror, damped with fog, he tried to touch it, but even as he did so, it refused to show him. It showed mom and the duck, but not him. Why not him? Wasn’t he real? He hit the glass, desperate to make it show him. He wanted to know if he was real. The glass broke and it still wouldn’t admit that he existed.


Cordy went in first, moving past the sensors and smiling for the camera as it was aimed her way for her badge. Buffy was too distracted staring at a chained vampire kneeling next to his master in the waiting room to smile as her own picture was taken. So of course she ended up looking like she was terrified. Some technicians took the vampire’s leash of it’s master and pulled him along past the corridor. The poor thing kept looking back to it’s master but was pulled along before he could even see his master waving at him.

Xander showed his permission letter and explained why there were two more visitors than expected. Their guide gave both her and Cordy a grin before giving all three of them earplugs and work shoes. The intern seemed indecently giddy as he started his tour, first showing them the stacked up glass cages with the wild vampires. The ones just caught.

Buffy is surprised by how human they look in normal clothing.
”The whisperer hasn’t gotten here yet, so we’re waiting to start unstocking them till he gets here. It’s a bit too dangerous to try and get them undressed without proper precautions.” One of the vampires was hitting the top of his cage, but it held without any difficulty. The plastiglass is magically enhanced, so even a mastervampire couldn’t get out of it without the key. Most of these are just fledglings though.”

A girl in the topcage was crying, the intern didn’t notice, Buffy ignored him and stared at the girl. She seemed about her own age, blond, blue eyed. Just a sweet kid that got murdered and managed to get away long enough not to wake up her first night in the vampfarm. Until now that is. The glass holds back any sound that the vampires inside it might be making, but Buffy can almost imagine she hears her words.
”I don’t belong here, please let me go.”

She shrugs it off, probably just imagining something. They move further through the hallways. “Don’t touch the glass, don’t linger, no matter what you see, stay away from the glass.” She halfway hears the intern say it and they nod and agree and say “Yes Warren, No Warren.” But all she can see is naked men and women pacing around in cages of two by two with barely enough place to lie down on the naked stone with not even a blanket to their name.

It’s feeding time at the zoo and packets fall down from the ceiling. Some ignore them, others attack them ravenously. She sees furious yellow eyes glared at her from behind a vampire’s ridges and hurries her step. The intern is going on about the drugs placed in the blood and how even before the mindwipes the vampires undergo at least a day of subliminal messages that makes them ripe and ready for their mindwipe.

You can’t hear it on the outside, but on the inside there’s the constant voices, telling the inmates exactly what their purpose is. It’s no wonder that so few of them are sleeping.


Mom locked him in his cage, he’s lying on a pillow inside of it, his fingers playing with a toy, a simple puzzle that she gave him. He’d had it for over the month now that he’d been here, but in all that time he’d been unable to solve it. It was so simple now, he hadn’t even had to think about it.

He cuddles up to mister Gordo and can smell Buffy’s scent on the pig while his stomach is rumbling and his brain feels to big for his skull. “Get it out, please get it out. It hurts.”
But no one is listening and he’s all alone in the basement.
“Please”, he’s crying, “Please”, he’s growling, “Please” and he wants to kill them all.


The programming room is just ahead of them. An unconscious vampire is placed in the chair in the middle of the room and locked to it. Cordy’s talking about how she plans to have Angel wiped and Warren is going on about how much easier to handle vampires are afterwards. He’s trying to impress her and she’s positively soaking it all up.

The vampire in the chair starts to wake up and is seemingly terrified. Soft music comes from the speakers in the room and Buffy can see the whisperer get himself ready. Warren is telling them that it might be better to put in their earplugs, that the vampire under mindwipe might get a bit loud.

A beam is placed on the vampire and at first it seems gentle, a slow beam of light travelling up and down the vampire’s face. But the boy on the chair is shivering, soon he is trembling and then he starts screaming like someone has put him on fire.

Cordy’s chatter has fallen still. For the first time since they entered. A constant buzz of voices is added to the music, Buffy can’t quite make out what they’re saying and trying to listen to them all is almost hypnotic. Xander stands grimly beside her and is telling her to put on her earplugs. But she’s not listening. And the vampire hasn’t stopped screaming since it’s all started. It’s clear now that he’s trying to cringe into himself, desperate to hide from the light, but unable to move an inch.

“This goes on for a few more hours. We try to mix in basic programming while the vampires mind is wiped. It imprints their conditioning directly into their brains while they’re unable to try and fight it.”

It’s like Warren’s not even aware that there is a teenage boy screaming in the cell right in front of them, and if he is, he just doesn’t care.
“Are they always like this, with the screaming?” Buffy wished she could have said it herself, but instead it’s Cordy who voices it.

“Well yes, their brain is stimulated to a point that it feels like it’s being fried. So of course that would hurt a bit. It’s not easy to place a coat of protection over an entire array of memories.”

“You mean the memories are still there?”

“Yeah, they tried to just erase them at first, but found themselves to be left with vegetables. Even trying to teach them afterwards didn’t help and they had to stake the poor things to put them out of their misery.” Warren starts leading them to the next cell.
“A waste really. It would have been much more profitable if they’d just sold them to some cosmetic firm. They’re always looking for new labrats.”

They were now looking at another vampire, a seemingly young woman. She was curled up on herself and sobbing.
”The mindwipe doesn’t happen all at once unfortunately, so the specimen goes in here afterwards while the memories are fading. Since this is a wild one, she’s now losing what memories she had of her life both as a human and as a wild vampire. The woman sees them and jumps at the glass, desperate to get through.

“Don’t worry, it’s reinforced glass. She can’t get out, no matter how hard she tries, if she does try a second time, “his words are added on by the image of the woman hitting the glass and getting an electric shock that forces her back, “she gets a shock. Those things are strong enough to bring down an elephant.”

The woman is naked, her hair is a mess. There’s still some remains of make up on her face. No one bothered to clean her up first. A smiling guy is standing next to the cage and looking at her with a wide open grin, whispering.

“Hey Warren. “

“Buffy, Cordelia, Xander, I like you to meet Riley. He’s one of our resident vampire whisperers. It’s his job to calm down the vampires during the mindwipe and put the next few touches to their conditioning.”

Buffy shivered as she looked at the man who knelt down in front of the glass.
“There there now, there’s nothing to be scared off.”

“No no no, please no. Mommy, please don’t go. Mommy.” And the grown woman starts crying like a child who watches her mother taken away from her. Buffy shivers and can’t help but stare as the whisperer enters the cage and starts petting the woman, whispering in her ear. Combined with the other noise it seems to be bringing her down to a helpless state, unable to do anything but listen. She claws out just once, but the whisperer manages to grab her hand and bring it down before she gets too far.

Buffy keeps staring back as Warren tells them to move on. The vampires in these cages are sleeping, many of them sound like babies. Sucking their thumbs, some of them are still crying. One or two cringe in their sleep. And still the voices are there, a constant presence.
She can only see a few, but the entire hall is full of them.

“For every family a vampire, loyal and steadfast” a sign on the wall proclaims. It sends shivers crawling over her spine at the thought of it.

“Never”, she decided, she’d stake William before she put him through this ever again. Maybe put him in the wild, somewhere where the vamp catchers can’t… but they always can. She fears for it, fears that some day she will have to bring him here, or have him die, because the mindwipes are never permanent.


Spike opens the cage, it was easy to do so when he actually thought about it. Not like the key was really out of his reach. He grabs a few blood snacks before moving up the stairs, he’s starving. Still hungry. And he’s furious. Furious as he remembers now, both what was done to him and what he used to be. He reaches the basement door and opens it, ready to attack anyone who’s behind it, but no one’s there. There’s a sound of music coming from the bathroom and he can hear the mothers voice singing along with it.

He’s just about to head up when the front door opens. The youngest girl steps in and smiles as she sees him. He's starving and all he can see is her.



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