Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I just wanted to apologize for my lateness in responding to feedback, once again.
It's weird, I can seem to find the time to write, to manip or to read and even to send feedback, yet whenever I want to start responding to feedback, I run out of it...

Really rather impolite of me.
I'm planning to start a huge feedback response thing in the morning when I'm awake enough to answer to all the kind words given to me in the past week. So once again really sorry and hoping that I can keep my word on this...

But I get so easily distracted

Anyway, I've written two more pages of man's best friend, that's about half for this chapter if only Buffy wants to start talking and William shuts up for a second to let me write down what Buffy's saying.

Am also wondering if I should repost that mermaid Spike manip that I made a while ago. Seeing as how it fits in with the new darkerSpike challenge. Then again, I might just make a new one. My skills with photoshop have improved at least a little bit since I made that one.*g*

And oh yes, yay, I was a winner at the darker Spike fave ship challenge with my animated letter. Really glad they liked it :-) (was a winner last week too, with the puzzle Spike.*g*)

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