Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Rant on B/A

I'm so tired of B/A.
Hell I was tired of it in season four, but by now I can't see a single reason for it's continuing existance...

Angel has forgotten about Buffy years ago, he has treated her like a second choice. He has used her, abandonned her, treated her like a child...

He's known about the clause holding his soul for six years and he hasn't done a single thing to try and solve it. I can't see a single thing speaking in favor of him supposedly loving her.

Compare that to Spike.
Buffy abused him, mentally tortured him, raped him(Gone, he said no, she went on regardless)and still despite all that he kept believing in her...
The first time he hurt her, he instantly went and got a soul, willingly... (how long did it take him to find someone to give it to him again? A week, two weeks?...) Something that Angel has NEVER been able to do...

I guess it's understandable that Angel's jealous. Compared to Spike he's a loser and he knows it.
Angel is beneath Buffy... and it's long time she realizes that.

End of Rant, I feel better now.
Tags: rant

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