Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Got tagged by fenderlove

Set 1.
List 3 things that bug you that others may find trivial.

1. Pokémon and their "Got to get them all" mentality
2. Cars that park on bikepaths (you try and drive safely around one of those when they block the way)
3. People who don't flush the toilet

Set 2.
List 3 things that make chocolate even better.

1. Naked Spike.
2. chocolate cake
3. Naked James Marsters.

Set 3.
List 3 things you'd rather be doing than playing a game of LJ tag.

1. Having a good talk to Joss Whedon
2. Making a spangel manip where Angel's clothed and Spike isn't.
3. Getting that new chapter of Man's best friend finished

Still not really liking that tag thing, but what the hell..
tag shapinglight, sueworld2003, speakr2customrs, redwulf50, piksa, spikes_heart

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