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Fic: Man's best friend (4/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Her first thought as William's leash slipped out of her hands, was that he was trying to run away. Then when she saw him with Cordy's vampire, that they were about to fight and a gulp of relief as they just started sniffing one another.

"Buffy do you want to use my lash?"

Faith was holding the thing out to her and Buffy backed away from it like it was on fire.

"Buffy you have to, he broke his leash without permission. You can't let him get away with it, or he'll do it again."

Another step away, till she was standing right next to William.

"I demand that you punish him. He attacked my vampire without provocation."

Cordy's glare could have burned through stone, Buffy couldn't get why. Attack? What was wrong with the cheerleader's eyes, that hadn't been an attack, just playfullness and greeting.
"Look, he didn't do anything bad."

But everyone surrounded her, demanding that she punished her vampire. Faith pushed the lash in her hand. William was still kneeling. Buffy didn't want to, but he'd run and God what if mom found out. But he hadn't done ...

She quickly tapped him with the lash a first time, no force behind it. Faith snorted in disgust.
"Buffy do you want me to do it for you? I can if you want."

A police officer came their way as he noticed the group forming around Buffy and William.
"Look I'll punish him back at home. I just don't see why I'd have to do it here."

"Buffy! If you wait that long, he won't even remember what he did wrong. You have to punish him and you have to do it now."

"What's going on?" The cop held on to the taser on his belt as he stared at the crowd surrounding them and then turn his attention to Buffy.

"Her vamp slipped his leash and she won't punish him." Cordy snapped it out to the officer.
"And then he attacked my Angel as well."

"He didn't attack anyone! They were just playing."

The officer turned to her, understanding and kind, but then said in a strict voice.

"She is right, you have to punish him."


"If you don't, we'll have to take him to the pound for lack of discipline miss. Five lashes should do."

"But..." Buffy trembled, seeing the cop grab for William's leash.

"William stand up."
She pushed the lash once, seeing William wince under it. A second time, she was nearly crying. William just took it. A third. She dropped the lash "That's enough right, he stopped right away, no need to give more. Right?" She felt like she would start crying and never stop.

The cop thankfully nodded. "For this once, but if he does it again, you'll have to do more than give him some light taps like that. It really is for his own good."

But how good could it be to harm someone who didn't even understand he was doing something wrong. He was an innocent, like a child. Hitting him felt wrong, worse than that. It made her feel like she was evil. And she didn't like the feeling.

The group of them walked to the pen. Buffy took William to the washing room while the others were already getting slips to retrieve their vampires later on. She started opening William's zipper. William didn't even react when she did, like he was used to it. She pulled the suit down his back and checked to see if he was hurt. There were two welts where the lash had hit him. Buffy took a handkerchief out of her bag and wetted it in the sink. Carefully dabbing it over the red and trying to soothe it.
"Oh William why did you have to run. You know that was bad?"

"Sire." Buffy didn't understand.
"Angelus is sire. Missed him."

Buffy's heart split at his sincerity. Sire, the vampire who turned him. Family, she guessed.
"OK, I get that you wanted to see your sire, but you can't just run away like that. Not if we want to keep Cordy happy. " He was pouting, she smiled at him.
"Hey, I don't like it either, but you can't see Angelus unless Cordy's happy. Understood?"

"Yes mistress."
The word felt wrong somehow. She just couldn't get a finger on the why of it.
"Buffy, when we're alone, you call me Buffy. Just keep up that mistress thing when you have to talk to me in public. Deal?"

He eagerly nodded and she pulled his suit back up, covering him. She couldn't help notice longstanding bruises around his neck from where the collar was.
"I think I'll have to get you a new collar. Just hope I've got enough money for that."


William was utterly confused, happy, but confused. The mistress had been hurt when she had to punish him, hurt bad enough that she cried. It only made him gain in resolve to make sure she never had to punish him again. He didn't want mistress to hurt.

"Now be good." He looked into the pen. The two slayers taking care of it accepted him in and put a chain on his hands and feet. It was pretty loose for now, but he knew from experience that they would pull tightly together if he caused any trouble. He sniffed, trying to catch the scent of the other vampires in the pen, checking if there were any he knew and smiled as he realized that Angelus was in the same pent that he was.

While several of the other vampires were playing hunt, two of them were playing wrestling in the corner and a third girl was combing her hair next to the glass. Angelus sat alone on the mat in the middle of the room. William could see that he was drawing something. He dropped it when William approached. William closed his eyes as Angelus inhaled his scent before turning him around to check him for injuries. William leaned into him, his head on the other's shoulder as Angelus gently nibbled his neck. William purred softly, Angelus licked his neck once more and bit him, William bit back. It was done quickly, before the slayers could notice what they were doing.

William sat down on the mat, grabbing a colouring pencil of his own and watching as Angelus finished up his butterfly. William tried to draw something, but best he could get was a few lines that vaguely ressembled a face.
"Buffy." he pointed at it. "My new mistress. She's nice."
"She beat you." Sire growled out the words.

"It didn't hurt bad, not like last mistress. "
He licked Angelus' face where a bruise was forming from where Cordy had hit him. Angelus shrugged it of. Pulling him down to the floor and straddling him. Then Angelus licked him, kissed him on his lips. William smiled and licked back. Sire was here, happy times. One of the slayers was looking at them now, William wondered why she was licking her lips. He just hoped she would let them play. Angelus was pulling down the back of his suit, checking his back. His chain started tightening, pulling closer and he fell right on top of William. Not that William minded.

“Not that I don’t appreciate the show boys, but I doubt your masters would approve, if they came back and found you naked. Too bad for us.”
The slayer was leaning back on her seat outside of the pen. And William couldn’t help muttering “spoilsport”. Angelus merely licked his nose. They lay down, refusing to separate even as Angelus’ cuffs loosened again.

They’d been softly dozing off when they heard the sound of cooing from the other side of the glass. Two little girls were staring at them through the glass in the front. The glass was supposed to be so the masters could check on their pets while shopping, but more often than not kids stopped there to catch a quick glance at the vampires. William tended to ignore the glass. Long as he didn’t look at it, it didn’t bother him.

One of the other vampires, a girl that couldn’t have been more than thirteen when she was turned, was making faces at the kids. Touching the glass, while one of the girls on the other side placed her hand on it, separated solely by the barrier between them.

The vampire kid turned to gameface and smiled a wide-open grin to appreciative shrieks from the kids on the other side. William growled contentedly, almost purring. Part of him wished that he could stay here with his sire forever; the other half couldn’t wait for his master to return. If only Angelus' was hers as well, then life would be perfect.


Buffy smiled as she saw the two vampires cuddled together. William seemed happier than he'd been all day. Now she just had to keep Cordy happy, so they could get the two of them to spend more time together. Maybe set up some sort of playdate or something.
Hard to believe this was the same, sad vampire she brought home from the store the other day.

"Oh my god that's sick." Buffy stared at Cordy not understanding.
"Get your creature's filthy paws off of my Angel, now!"

Buffy startled, didn't Cordy see how beautiful it was?
"They're just catching up. Family and all."

Cordy glared at her. "I don't give a damn. He's mine and I'm the only person he should even think of touching."
She gave over her ticket and ordered Angel to come over to her. "I knew I should have had that mindwipe done sooner. His last owners let him get all perverted."
William sat at the door and came as soon as Buffy patted her leg. She petted him almost absently, not sure what to say.

"Look, maybe you should consider doing the same. At least then they won't start humping one another every time we meet. It's embarrassing enough as it is."


"Come on Buffy, it's not like it'll hurt them, just wipe the slate clean, give them a fresh start and fully focussed on you as the master."

Buffy could see it now, Cordy was just furious that Angel didn't cling to her, that he thought about things other than her. But damn it, if she were patient, he'd probably end up doing that anyway. So why destroy who they were just to get a quick fix?
"So he can't even have a friend?"


"But they're family."

"Listen to me Summers, I don't give a damn. I'm the only family he needs. And if I wanted him to have a friend, I'd buy him a playmate myself."


Someone snorted in the background.
"Give it up Summers, she's never going to change her mind."

Buffy turned around, seeing the new arrival; Zealot Harris, or so everyone in school called him. Vampire rights activist; insane; at least that’s what they said. She'd heard that he'd just been released from juvie. He'd chained himself up to the door at the pound, trying to keep lab technicians from getting new vamps for the university labs. Well him and a few others. Though most of the others just contented to enjoy themselves with chants and walking around with big boards in their hands. She wondered what he was doing here, she hoped it didn't involve trying to set the vamps free, cause who knows what might happen to William if he had to be out there on his own.

“Oh shut up Harris, or are you going to start your “Vampires are people too” speech again. I have to tell you, I heard it a dozen times before and that was more than plenty.”

“What, just because I don’t think it’s right to abuse sentient beings? How would you like it if someone put you in a cage, forced you to wear a collar and made you bark on command. Hell just look at Harmony to see how easy it is to fall from the throne.”

Cordy winced, Harmony had been her best friend and the blond girl had been kidnapped right in front of her. Buffy had once caught her crying to the counsellor that if she’d taken a step faster, the kidnappers might have taken her instead of Harmony. And then Cordy could now be the one sitting in a cage, servicing the coach.

Cordy tried to ignore him and left, pulling Angel behind her. But Xander was still yelling after her: "You're not any less of a monster, just because you're human!"
Not that Cordy stopped to listen.

“So what about you Buffy? I really thought you were better than this. I guess all that stopped you was the money.”
Buffy stood like she'd been caught redhanded, the bag with William's new collar burned at her feet.



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