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Fic: Man's best friend (3/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Buffy dropped her bag on the table as soon as she got home. She stopped at the door to take a quick look in the mirror; checking her hair and make up. Faith was making herself at home in the living room. Buffy groaned as she noticed the other slayers feet on the table. Faith had turned on the television and was zapping channels. Buffy grabbed William’s leash from the kitchen counter and grabbed a bloodsnack or two for William before she opened the door to the basement.

Her heart stood still as she realized the door wasn’t locked. She turned out the light, maybe mom had locked William up for his first day alone. Only there was no vampire in the cage. Buffy got frantic, looking around, first in the basement, checking the ceiling, then upstairs. Maybe some note of where the vampire was. Maybe mom had come home early and taken him for a walk already. But she wouldn't have done so without the leash.

Buffy was just about to panick. "Will!"

She heard the sound of wood cracking, right before something something landed on her from the top of the railing. She nearly fell and Will started licking her face. She easily pushed him off and petted his hair.

"Where were you?"

It was only now that she noticed that he had make up on his face and that his nails were done in five different colours, A different one on each finger.

A brownhaired head showed up from one of the rooms upstairs and quickly ducked back in.
"Dawn you better run for cover, cause when I get my hands on you.”
Dawn was smart enough not to show herself. Buffy marched right up to the door, noticing that one of the hinges had gotten loose and that William had forced his way through the door. Dawn was sitting in the middle of her room, make over stuff at ready. Buffy couldn't even begin to have a clue what to say. This was so wrong that it didn't even begin to register. Dawn knew what mom would say if she found out William had been out before she got home. And there was no way that she was going to punish Will for something that was purely Dawn's fault. Buffy threw the door back, damaging it even more as she headed downstairs. William was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, stock still. Faith grinned, her feet remained on the table. No matter that mom had told her a million times not to do so. Faith tried to call William to her, but the vampire didn't seem to dare to leave his spot.

The poor creature was trembling when Buffy pulled him towards her. "It's ok William, it wasn't your fault. It's ok." It was only now that she noticed blood dropping from his ears, the one pierced and tagged, looked red and irritated.

Buffy startled, realizing what had happened. William had been unable to come to her, thus unable to obey a direct order. God she had to find some tissues, take care of him somehow.
"He'll heal." she wasn't about to listen to Faith on that one.

"I'm sorry William, I didn't know Dawn locked you in."He leaned into her touch, even if she could notice him cringe. "I was just worried when I didn't find you in the basement." He looked up with a goofy grin on his face, even more gorgeous as he smiled. William seemed to have forgotten most of his fear and was licking her hands. He didn’t look like he was in pain, but she wasn’t sure he’d dare to let her know if he were; far too desperate to please to think of his discomfort. When she heard the front door opening, she quickly clicked William's leash to his collar and pulled him to the door.

“Hey there mrs S.”

Buffy had no idea how Faith had managed to get to the door first. At the moment she didn’t care, she just wanted to get them all out of the house before mom could stop her.
"Mom I'm taking Will to the mall. He needs another outfit."
Then before mom could see the damage to the door upstairs, Buffy quickly pushed Faith outside, while pulling William's leash, dragging him behind them to the car.

They stopped a few streets further. Buffy got out and opened the back door of the car, looking at the mess on William's face. Buffy stared at the make up and was all too happy when Faith gave her some make up remover. William seemed happy to sit still while she removed the stuff from his face. God, she'd even forgotten to lock him in when they left. Too worried about mom seeing Dawn’s door, before they got out of range.

His nails were the worst off. Damn. She knew from bad nail experiences, once again Dawn’s fault, that it would take over an hour if she had to use some kind of polish remover. And to leave them like this, it’d make her the laughing stock of the slayertable. Her frown quickly turned to a smile as miracle worker Faith managed to magic up a sollution. Not removing the layer underneath, but adding a black lacquer to hide the offending colouring. Buffy didn’t care where she’d gotten the stuff from, just that thankfully it’d save her reputation. Not that black nails were all that perfect, but at least it was acceptable. She took the time to carefully lock William in his chains and ordered him to let his hands dry before she returned to her place in the front. Almost gasping for air.

It was when they made a quick stop at Faiths place that Buffy could no longer ignore her cell phone.
"Hi mom."
Mom yelled.
"No mom, it was not William's fault. Dawn locked him up in her room. It was her fault. Oh come on mom, I just have to get some stuff for him. Please? Yes, I will be back home before nine. No mom, I'll be careful. William's being good, he just got hurt because Dawn wouldn’t let him obey my orders. Can you believe he was actually bleeding ... I'll be careful, just talk to Dawn will you. No! I'm not the one who left her alone with him. I swear, she just got home early. Yes I will take the spare key with me in the future. Bye mom."

Buffy shivered as Faith brought her own vampire out. Faiths stepdad was yelling at her as they left. Her hair, her make up, the sluttiness of her dress, whatever he could bring up. Telling her that if it wasn’t for the state subsidizing slayers she’d have been out on her ass months ago. Let her see if she could actually get some use out of her body, if she wasn’t doing so already. The usual junk. Buffy still winced whenever she saw the man.

Faiths vampire was all dressed up in her usual red skinsuit. Willow’s hair was a mess since Faith rarely bothered to take care of it. It made Buffy want to pull a brush through it, along with cleaning the vampires face from Faiths latest eyeliner experiments. Compared to Buffy's vampire, Willow looked almost neglected and Buffy had long since stopped calling Faith on it. Faith hated it when people ranted against her. And Buffy knew well enough that she wouldn’t be the one that Faith would hit if she got angry. It had been the main reason for her staking her last vampire. Not that Faith would ever admit it.

Buffy stayed at the wheel while Faith put Willow in the cage with William. She couldn't help throwing glances back. Willow was whispering something, but it was too low for her to hear. She just hoped the two of them could be friends. All the books had agreed that vampires were social creatures, she just hoped that the two would hit it off, since they were likely to spend more than a few moments together.


"Nice lipstick"
William's tongue slipped past his lip, trying to remove the last remains of the stuff that Dawn had put on him. It felt odd, being this close to another vampire that wasn't his sire.
The redhead leaned into him, whispering in his ear. "Do you like playing the puppydog. Faith loves it when I do. Woof!"

William tried to pull away, but the chains wouldn't let him get to far. Not only that, his normally comfortably spacious cage was small and limited with her taking up half his space
"Did she fuck you yet? That's what they like to do, the masters. Tie you down and fuck themselves on you."

William didn't respond. Red could think whatever she liked, he wasn't new at this. He could even remember four owners before mistress Buffy. All of them had enjoyed themselves with him. He wondered if there had been more that he just didn't remember, one of the many things he didn't remember.

"Or does she just curl your hair and paint your nails, like a favourite doll?"

"Mistress does what she wants. Not up to me to say what that is."

"Of course it is..."

William didn't like Reds smile. It felt like his last owner's, the one that liked to find a reason to punish him and sire. She'd hit them everyday, no matter how good they tried to be. He didn't know how long that had lasted, just that one day the blue men came. Metal shone on their chest. They’d taken one look at the both of them. Williams’s hands had been chained to the ceiling and there’d been metal bits sticking out of him. Angel was lying in a corner, bleeding. The blue men had covered them in blankets and pulled them out. The fire in the sky had made them sizzle for a bit, but then they were safe; for a while. The blue men said the mean lady was bad for hurting her pets. Not that that made any sense to the vampires. Master's word was law after all. Still, William had liked his time in their pound. One of them had even given him some real blood to drink till he healed. He'd thought everything would be better once they had a new owner; only then the dark lady took his sire away.

“Do you want to be bad? Give our masters a show. Make them all wet so they’ll stop and have you fuck them in the middle of the street.”
William lashed out.

Red started crying and William pulled back.
Fighting bad bad bad bad bad ….

“Hey you two, no roughhousing in the car. If you want to have fun, wait till we’re at the pen.” William froze at his mistress’ friend’s command. He didn’t want to fuck Red. He hoped that his mistress wouldn’t make him do so. Red was bad. She felt like harsh nails underneath his skin.

"They like watching us." Red started whispering again. "Think they're above us, but they're not. All you have to do is show some ass and before you know it, they're the ones being trained." She came closer. "Do you want me to tell you how?"

William stopped listening. Even as the words wouldn't stop and he couldn't stop hearing them. Not right. The masters were the masters and you didn't...
He shrugged it off as a memory hit him, “Take or be taken.”
"Hollywood.", then the next moment the sign in front of him was once again nothing more than a nice statue that the humans put up. No meaning whatsoever. He wished he could read it again. The fairy lady was smiling in his head, she’d been coming by more often lately. Spike smiled back at her and was about to wave when he remembered the chain on his hand and who could see him.

Red saw his smile and took it as an invitation, coming closer to him, pressing her breasts to his chest. "Want to play." But he pushed her away. She came back. "We could be bad."

William glared at her. He was happy to arrive and licked Buffy's hand as she helped him out. Only as his tongue touched her skin, he kissed her instead. His mistress cheeks blushed red.

"Masters pet." He ignored Red's whispered taunt Faith looked appreciative and the mistress was glowing. William was happy to follow in her track.

He could hear Faith complain at Red, could hear Red’s feet dragging on the ground as she refused to come quietly. He shivered as he heard the sound of a short whip hitting flesh and a soft gasp of air coming from Red. The other vampire wasn’t stopped by it for long though, having to be pushed down as they waited for the elevator. William had knelt down instantly.

It was when Red spat at her master that things got really bad. Faith kicked her to the ground. Riding her as she hit the vampires face over and over again. Red was cringing, desperately whimpering under the blows.

“Faith stop!”

“Why? So she can humiliate me again? So she can be all pissy and annoying. Think it’d be a good thing for your vamp to see what should happen to him if he tries to be stupid, like this little bitch here.”
William shook in fear, one arm holding on to Buffy’s leg. Buffy petted his hair, trying to soothe him, but he couldn’t help trembling as Faith started hitting Red with the lash.

People passed by, sneaking looks at them. William tried to hide from their eyes. He refused to look at Red’s face as she crawled up, following her mistress with bowed head and dark marks all over her face.

There was a scent; he wasn't even realizing he was purring till Faith turned her eyes to him. Sire, sire was here, sire. He pulled his leash, desperate to see him. Mistress held him back and he stopped for a second. But sire was there. Couldn't she sense it?

"William what's wrong. William" she let go of his leash and he ran up front, stopping as he saw sire. Angelus was on his knees, a huge red mark on his face. He pulled his chain, as well. William threw himself on him and they rolled around on the floor for a bit. Sniffing one another, desperate for the others presence. By the time they finally came still Angelus' mistress was pulling out her lash, ready to hit him. He looked at his own mistress. The disappointed look in her eyes damn near broke his heart.

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