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Fic: Man's best friend (2/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

William watched as the family sat down for diner. He was trying to ignore the damn stupid zipper that he should by now have gotten used to, if it weren't so bloody annoying. His collar chafed, the stupid cuffs weren't much better and he damn well wanted to stretch his legs for longer than that little run had taken. But of course, what did he know about things. He was nothing more than a stupid vampire and should let the mistress decide what was right and wrong. They knew better what was good for him than he did, or so the keepers had told him repeatedly. Them and Angelus, repeating the same thing over and over to a vampire that just wouldn't get it. He couldn't help crying; stupid, silly, what's with the constant tears. But he missed the big bastard. He wanted to roll up with his sire, hug him for comfort and let him tell him how to behave so the new mistress wouldn't get tired of him within the week.

It’s just, part of him told him that once upon a time there had been more to his life than this. That life should be about more than when to be petted or fed. He’d had a life of his own once. He’d probably walked the streets of a city, maybe walking a dog. Only he couldn’t remember that. He shouldn’t even be thinking about it. That was then, this is now. This was his life and he should be happy to have a kind mistress who cared about his well being.

But he was hungry. Not that that was something new. No matter that his mistress had fed him already. It was never enough. Blood wasn't cheap and you couldn't expect them to give too much of it. The keeper said it was ok to feel hungry, that it was part of being a vampire, a hunger that never ended. That no matter how much he ate, he’d always feel hungry and it was better to let his owners measure out how much he really needed, because nobody wanted a fat vampire.

He quickly looked down before the mother could see him staring at them. Not on time for the youngest human of the household though. The little girl seemed to be all too aware of his attention.
"Mom can he have some chicken."


"But mooooom"

"It's not good for him Dawn. His body can't take human food and you don't want to make poor William sick do you?"
Can so take human food. William pouted. Dawn winked at him and he noticed her hiding a bit of the chicken in her napkin while she thought no one was looking. His mistress seemed to be eating plenty, chatting with her mother, happy. He had to keep her happy. If his mistress was happy, then he wouldn't be sold again. Nothing worse than a vamp that can't keep a master, sounds bad, makes you look like a bad puppy that can't please its owner. He was in no hurry to go back to the pet store, or worse, the pound.

He just wished that Angelus was here with him.

William was ready to explode by the time they started watching television. Wondering what he was supposed to do while they watched one silly show after the other. Though at least this one was a bit more fun than the one before. With the witch and the wooden doll trying to be a real boy.

Would be fun if he could be real. If he could go on the street wearing human clothes and everyone would say "Hi William" and he'd be off to work and no one would be able to tell him what seat he could sit on or not. If he were human he could eat, however much he wanted to eat. There'd be no master sipping on the good stuff while he had to watch and couldn't they go play already?

"Come on Will."
He couldn't get off the seat fast enough and sat at his mistress feet. Did she want him to service her now, did she? He could if she wanted to, it'd give him something to do. Or maybe he could do the dishes, or use the noise machine, god what was it called again, can't remember... anything. Please mistress. He was bored, that he did know the word for. Her fingers moved across his face almost unconsciously. Soft and so warm. He'd almost forgotten how cold he'd been feeling.

Dawn touched him too.
"Man he's cold."

"Well he is supposed to be a corpse. Room temperature and all that."

"Should we put up the thermostat then? If he's cold."

"Dawn..." a long exasperated sigh. Spike didn't mind as Dawn started to sneak him some of the chicken, he leaned over; hiding what he was eating here beneath the couch and the table.
Nice and spicy with thick gooey sauce. He tore into it, fully into gameface as his fangs bit into the meat.


He froze.
"Oh god" The mother looked at him and he ducked down, desperate to look sorry, didn't mean to be bad, didn't..."
"Dawn get a rag and clean that up." William was shivering, he'd dropped the bit of chicken he still had in his mouth. Hanging on his fangs, it slipped as he turned back to his human mask.
"William give me that."

He picked it up and gave the remains of the chicken, quickly swallowing one last bit. He just couldn't help it. And she didn't want something that was half eaten right?

The woman shook her head and pulled him away by his collar to the middle of the room. He crawled after her on his hands and feet, desperate to follow. His mistress shot up as well.
"Mom! It's Dawn's fault, not his."

"Just clean him up in the basement Buffy, I'll get this mess cleared up."

His mistress shrugged and pulled him along.
"It's not even like you're dirty."
She dragged him down the stairs and he quickly followed. It didn’t take her too long to find some napkins from a cupboard and she started wiping his hands. It was better than turning a hose on him for a few stray bits of grease. He licked of a last bit from his hand. She smiled and grabbed a small napkin out of her side pocket. More of the chicken.

“What you don’t think that Dawn’s the only one who can sneak food in right? I’m just smart enough not to give it to you where mom could see it.”

William happily bit down, there were some onion rings still sticking to the meat, he just loved those. She was staring at his ridges, but didn’t touch him while he ate. She simply took another napkin and cleaned him up again after he was done. William stood still as her hands touched over his skin, clinging for a second to his ridges. They disappeared as he calmed under her touch.

He couldn't help staring around. There was a cage on the left, he had a guess that he'd get to know that one pretty damn well. A drain in the floor, a few shelves with stuff on it. A washer and dryer stood in the corner.

"Don't worry, we'll put one of those big pillows in the cage once you have to stay in it."
She took out a bag and pulled out a toy, it smelled a bit like dried blood underneath the plastic. He quickly accepted it, tearing at it as soon as she gave it to him. He was still chewing it when he went back upstairs, she stopped him and quickly wiped out a last bit of grease from his chest. He saw some more of the vampire food and whined, hoping to get her to notice he was still hungry.

But she didn’t fall for it and told him to follow her up. Not that he minded that order. He was more than happy to obey, he didn't like the basement. Dawn was removing some of the grease and sauce from the carpet. William knelt down next to her and started licking it up. He was a good boy, see, he'd help. Buffy smiled and pulled him back, taking his head on her lap as she sat back to enjoy the next show. The dishes were already gone.

William had almost fallen asleep at her feet when it was finally time to head upstairs. He lay down on his mat while she crawled in her bed. She looked so pretty as she closed her eyes. He closed his eyes and could imagine that he was back in his sire's arms. Just to be rolled up, surrounded by his sire's strong arms and knowing he’d be safe as long as his sire was there.

But then the dark girl had come and she didn't want him. He was too small for her taste. She'd taken sire, but not him. And he’d been crying since. "Please please." he whimpered, begging for his sire to be returned. But sire was gone and he was alone, all alone... A warm hand held him, touched his neck, his claim-mark. Letting him cry, pulling him up on the bed. He rolled up at her feet, she crawled back on what was left of the not too big bed. Then she got out again to grab his comforter and threw it over him. He was holding on to her feet as he fell asleep.


Buffy woke up tangled in a mess of vampire. It felt strangely soothing, even if she did push him off of her. She didn't tell him to get off the bed, best to let him sleep a while longer. She wondered how long it would take her to get the money for necrotempered glass. She could take a job, do some bits of babysitting. William would like that, to be able to sit in the sunlight without burning up, wouldn’t he?

She was getting dressed when her mom came in to wake her up. Buffy checked for disapproval as she saw her eyes wander to Spike who was now snugly wrapped under her blankets. There was none. Instead mom just went to the bed and covered him up some more.

“Best to get ready for school Buffy. I’ll get him to the basement when I leave for work.”

Buffy didn’t like the idea of Will having to stay in the cage all day, but they couldn’t let him wander around on his own. At least he’d be safe in the cage. She grabbed some of the pillows that they’d bought earlier and spread them out on the bottom bars. She also put some other toys on an easy to reach shelve. Mostly stuff he could bite on, a ball and some of the sextoys that he could play with on his own. Vampires were even more notoriously horny than slayers.

She went up one last time and pressed a quick kiss on her vampire’s face before running downstairs to her car. William had looked up at her as she’d done so. She just brushed through his hair and smiled at him.

She wasn't too mature to hope that people at school would be suitably impressed when she could finally join in on the bragging about the pet vampires. And William was definitely something to brag about.


William wasn't sure what to do when the mistress left. She let him stay in the bed, but he didn't think he was supposed to stay there all day. After a while he got out, sneaking through the door onto the landing. There was nothing telling him what to do, where to go. He was hunched down as he went downstairs, not really sure if what he was doing was against the rules or not.

He could smell the mother downstairs, that and hot cocoa. She smiled at him as he entered the kitchen. William knelt down, looking at his bowl. Pretty please, food, need food. She petted him and pulled out a bag with blood snacks. He liked blood snacks; they were good. They tasted like masters.

William was still kneeling as he watched her sip her cocoa. Some of it got spilled when the phone rang. Leaving him alone with the hot cup, the spill and those cute little puffies on the table. He leaned over the table and licked up the drops that had fallen. He kept staring at the puffs, ready to attack them if she stayed away for long enough. He grabbed one, just about ready to put it in his mouth when she came back. He dropped the puff.

"William." She sounded annoyed. He huddled down, he hadn't meant to anger her.
"Shhhh, it's ok. Just this once right?" She poured some more of the cocoa on a dish and put a puff in the middle. William knelt over it and licked it up, catching it with his hand as it threatened to shift out of place. It tasted good.

She smiled as she went to the cupboard, looking for something, his eyes were focussed on his puff, dangerous prey. Had to have it. She came out with some kind of closed off cup. He stared as she poured more of the hot chocolate in it; along with some puffs. She gave it to him and he nearly dropped it out of his hands. Wasn't supposed to touch human stuff.
Not for him.

But the mistress cooed at him and told him to drink it, so he did, carefully holding on to the cup with both hands. The puff wouldn't come out, too big. He almost got upset. But then she took over the cup and removed the lid.

"More more ..."

"Oh William."
She just petted him, looking down on him.
"No begging. Good pets don't beg."

But he wanted more.
"I'll get you some blood substitute when you have to go to the basement. All right?"

William eagerly nodded his head. He could understand the word blood all too well. Wished he knew more of the bigger words, but they didn't matter. Not if mistress was happy.

"I really shouldn't have given you that chocolate. Don't tell Buffy I did, it really isn't good for you."

William didn't understand why it wasn't good for him. It tasted good. Much better than the watery stuff that passed for blood. Better than nothing, but it was so flat, just didn't feel right. It felt dead.

After the hot chocolate she continued working in the kitchen. William tried to help, but was shooed away. He pouted at that and went back up the stairs, to his mistress' room. It was nice to lie on the blankets and smell her scent all around him. Mother came in and saw him lying in the middle of the bed. He sat up, holding on to his mistress' pillow.

"Come on William, you have to go to the basement now."

But he didn't like the basement. Not that he said that, he just whimpered and crawled back.

"Come on William, it's time and I have to leave for work."
"No like cold place."

"Oh William." She sat on the bed next to him, petting him.
"I'm sorry, but you can't stay here all day. It’s wrong, something could happen. Now come on."

She took his hand and William was forced to follow. He grabbed Buffy's pillow to take down with him. Joyce saw that and took it away from him, putting it back on the bed.

"No William, pillows belong on the bed." he was whining.
Mother finally let go of him and he was back on the bed. She tutted disapprovingly.
"If you come with me you can have mister Gordo come stay with you."
William stared up, staring at the small stuffed animal that positively reeked of Buffy.
"But you have to come now. Mister Gordo doesn't like to be with bad boys."

William pouted a bit more, but got of the bed and followed her. She gave him the stuffed pig and he buried his nose in it. He hated the cold of the basement. She opened the door and he froze. "William."
Will tried to change her mind, giving her his best pout, trying to convince her with his eyes. Please don't lock me there, I'll be good. But she didn't listen to it. Traitor. He huffed as he got down the stairs and curled up in his cage, holding on to Mister Gordo, while staring at her through the open cagedoor.

She placed a bowl of bloodsnacks and food next to the stairs. William kept staring at her as she left and closed the door, turning off the light. He quickly curled in on himself and cried. He wished his sire was here. But instead all he got was the sound of the lock being turned and knowing he’d be alone. He hugged the pig.


Buffy couldn't believe that Cordelia had actually been allowed to take her vampire to school with her. The poor thing was trapped in a cage in Cordy's car. Even with the windows made out of necrotempered glass that just couldn't be comfortable for the poor vampire who seemed cramped in the cage. He looked big, dark and broody, with dark brown eyes that matched his hair. The vampire's head snapped up as he saw her, softly growling at something. Buffy considered taking a step back, but didn't. The vampire's head eventually bowed down.

"Well of course I could have kept Linsey, but when I saw this one, I just couldn't not buy him. Doesn't he look just scrumptious?"

Cordy sat at the table with the Slayers and Buffy accepted it when Faith motioned at her to join them. Cordy was one of the few non-slayers that got into the clique and Buffy was pretty sure that it had to hurt to know that even a social nobody like Buffy, fit more in this group than she did.
"I tried him out last and night and let's just say "wow moma". Once you go vamp, you never go back."

"So Buffy, I heard you bought a vampire of your own?"

Buffy's face lit up with a smile and she nodded to Faith.
"Yes, his name's William. He's so sweet and he's got the cutest eyes."

"Oh forget about the eyes, what about his ass."

Buffy blushed at Faith's pretty direct phrasing.
"Scrumptious." she said.

"And he's got the biggest cock that I've ever seen." Cordy was trying to get attention back to herself and her own story. But most of the slayers had turned to Buffy by now.

Buffy hadn't even dared to look at Spike's... assets that way yet and she played with her hair trying not to show how embarrassed she was by the attention. Hell she was sixteen, more than old enough to talk about this kind of stuff.
"I was planning to take Will with me to the mall. Is that ok."

Faith just patted her on the back. "More than ok. Would be nice to check what he's been taught right?" Buffy's blush grew even redder.

"Just as long as he doesn't annoy my Angel", was all that Cordy would say.

Buffy just started thinking about how to convince her mom to let her take William out with her already. Not like she could focus on class, hell, why would she even want to as one thought kept invading her mind. She was a vampire owner. Now nothing could stop her from winning the title of May Queen.

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