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Fic: Man's best Friend (1/?)

Title: Man’s best friend
Summary: Imagine a world where vampires are tamed and kept as pets by slayers and other humans alike. Then imagine a young slayer called Buffy Summers who along with her mom goes to buy her very first petvampire. Now who could possibly say no to the blond cutie in the glass box.
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, undertones of Angel/Spike
Warnings: Non-con, brainwashing, dehumanisation, ...

Buffy smiled all the way to the pet store. She didn't want to keep throwing glances at her mom, refusing to admit that this was the greatest birthday ever. This was the first day of the rest of her life. The first time that she'd really be taken serious. The day that she'd get her very first vampire.

The place was noisy, busy, parents and kids ran past the shelves, staring and touching at just about anything. Passing by hamsters, the birds, the fish. Those weren’t exciting enough for them. Buffy tried to avoid even looking at the adult corner. There was an entire section dedicated to adult toys, half of which tended to be whispered about at the lunch table like half taboo, but titillating to the max.

But that wasn't why she was here. Her mom was talking to the storekeeper, asking for his selection of vampires. Buffy didn't stop till she hit the back of the shop, or more in particular, the wall that held the attention of most of the kids in the shop. There were altogether nine boxes, three times three a row each of them holding a single vampire inside of them. From where she was standing she could see one of the adults had pulled out a box. The vampire looked young, about her age, with blond hair and a frail but wellbusted body. Buffy nearly froze when she recognized her; Harmony. She'd been in their class last year, until she'd been kidnapped. After that they'd all had had curfews for weeks. There wasn't anything worse than getting kidnapped to be vamped. Death was final, but to be brought back, without rights, to be a pet. It sent shivers down her spine.

Harmony looked so small in the box, she was dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a body hugging top. Vampire wear, covering just enough to be decent, but not enough to hide her assets. Harmony smiled as they looked at her, trained to use puppydog eyes, begging to be bought. She seemed so happy to be taken out of her box and knelt instantly at her new master’s feet. The coach petted her and smiled, his hands lingering on her breasts. The old pervert had probably wanted to get his hands on her since she first grew up; now he got to do whatever he wanted to her. Buffy wished she could just hit him for this. She couldn't understand why Harmony hadn't been sold somewhere at the other side of the country. It would have been kinder, to her and to her parents and brother.

The shopkeeper was now pulling out another box, a second and a third, showing their choices. Two males and a female. Buffy stared at all three of them; the second male was waving at her, all of them trying to smile. They weren't as attractive as Harmony, but they weren't exactly ugly either. Most of the ugly ones didn’t make it past their first slayer.

She was just about to pick the biggest broodiest one of the three, when she heard the sound of whimpering coming from one of the boxes. The shopkeeper started muttering about something and pulled out a fourth box. There was a vampire in it, curled up onto himself. The keeper opened the side of the box and petted the vampire. Trying to soothe him.
"Don't worry”, he said more to her mother than to the vampire. “He's just missing his sire."
All the time he kept petting the creature.
"There there boy, it'll be all right. It won’t feel so bad once you’ve got a new master, you’ll see." It almost sounded the vampire softly purred under the keepers touch.

Buffy couldn't help being pulled in by the vampire’s looks, big blue eyes shiny with tears. A lean, well toned body, and thin so thin. Buffy stepped closer to him. The keeper tried to warn her, but she didn't care.
"I want this one."

Her mom tried to argue her out of it. He was too dangerous, too old, and too expensive. It was only when the keeper agreed to make them a deal; that her mom finally agreed.

The vampire sank down at her feet when he was taken out of his box. She petted his hair like she'd seen the keeper doing.
"Shhh, everything's OK." He was still crying. He didn't even put up a mockfight when she clicked on the collar that the shopkeeper had given her. She was too distracted by him to really listen to the keeper's explanation regarding the upkeeping of vampires.

"We do have a reliable doctor to do the geldings here at the shop mrs Summers."

Buffy froze. "You can't do that."


"You can't. He's mine and I want him intact." Her mom seemed shocked, but relented.

"Best to get that drug then." The keeper threw her a knowing look. Buffy blushed under it. Even the thought of a lust inhibiting drug for the vampire was bad enough, without him thinking that she’d want him to…Yeah, Buffy had heard stories at school. That blush got even worse when her mom went to the adult side of the store and came back with some stuff that Buffy refused to even admit that she knew existed. Cock rings, ballcages, big huge things that looked like...

"Buffy, you know what this means right. He's your responsibility. That means you feed him, you walk him, you clean both him and whatever mess he makes. I'm not going to do the work on this for you."

"Yes mom." As if she hadn't heard that line over a dozen times before they even left home.
Buffy stood and watched while the shopkeeper pushed a earring with added chip in her vampire's ear. It held his number and pedigree. Next were cuffs and a second outfit, for when the one he was wearing needed cleaning. Cause vamps weren't allowed to wear normal clothing. Too dangerous, they might try and escape and some human could get killed when they didn't know what they were dealing with. Besides, how else were the slayers to know the wild vampires from the tame ones? Some tame vamp could be staked by accident cause some slayer thought he was hunting.

Ownership information was uploaded in his collar, making him easy to track if anything happened. His head was down, but his sadness was still all around. She could see the outline of his ribs underneath his clothing. Mom handed over the final payment and Buffy grabbed the leash, pulling her vampire with her. She stopped as she realized she hadn't even given him the time to get up to his feet. He managed to do so then and she left again, slower this time. Half the fun in owning a vampire was in showing off that you had one. It was just after dark, but the streets were still flowing with life. Many of them throwing appreciative glances at her vampire. He seemed to notice even as he pulled his arms close to his chest.

She ordered him in the car, there was a cage built over the trunk, mom usually used it to put her shopping, but now they could finally use it for what it was meant for. The vampire crawled in without hesitation and Buffy locked the chains at the bottom to the cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He bowed his head, yet their eyes met for a second as she locked the last chain to his collar. Securing him for transport. He rolled up and she left him as he was, throwing him one last glance through the wiring before sitting down in the front. Her vampire hadn't made a sound, but he was still crying.

"You're supposed to praise him Buffy. When he does something right, obedient, you're supposed to praise him for it."

"I forgot." She looked down, ready to get out and do it now.

"It's too late now sweetie. He'll probably be unable to connect the two by now. But you have to remember it, praise is as important in training a vampire, as punishment is."

Buffy nodded and took a look at the papers, seeing his name. "So he's William, or is that Will." She looked in the back mirror and was almost surprised when she didn't see him reflected in it. She turned back over the seat, checking up on him. He looked almost human, his hair a pale peroxide white, coloured by his last owner. Soft curls framed his face. Combined with the soft short curls it made him look almost angelic, his cheekbones looking almost soft in the shadows.
"Mom, we didn't forget his food did we?"

"It's in the back."
Joyce once again started the gigantimous lecture about responsibility and how she was supposed to take good care of what was hers. And how her vampire would depend on her for guidance and discipline. About the laws she had to follow, like getting his mind wiped every few years, giving him his drugs, how to prepare his food, about not forgetting to feed him in the first place cause he'd be dependant on her.
But most of all, the big "keep him in the basement when you're not at home."

”And never ever leave him alone around Dawn, no matter how well trained he is.
He’s still an animal Buffy. Even with all the training, there’s no way of knowing that he can’t be provoked into harming a kid if she’s being too much of a pain again.” Buffy let it go over her, ignoring most of it. She'd heard it too much times already to still be interested.
"I'll take the stuff in, just take him out for a walk Buffy."

Buffy smiled and raced to the back of the car, she couldn't wait to get him loose. He stayed in place even after she did.
"Good boy, you're with me."
She started walking, the vampire a leash length behind her. She really wanted to get this over with, take him home, show him her room and let him know where he could sleep. She wanted to.... she didn't know what you were supposed to do with a vampire. Maybe brush his hair and pet him while they watched TV. Either way, she couldn't wait.

She started running, him behind her, he easily held up with her. It was odd, aside of the other slayers, no one ever seemed to keep up with her and even amongst the other slayers she stood out for her speed. It was about the only thing that made her stand out.
When they finally got back in front of the driveway, the car was already inside. Buffy was smiling as she showed her vampire to the next-door neighbour. Mrs Miller smiled and asked if she could touch him. Buffy reluctantly agreed. She stood there a bit embarrassed as the older woman's hands trailed first his face, then his chest and down. Buffy stopped her hand before it got too far down. Mrs Miller looked disappointed, but complimented her on her pick of vampire. Buffy wasn't sure if she could believe that would be the end of it.

"Come on Will, it's time you meet the rest of the family."
He hesitated at the door and it took her a moment to remember. "Come on in."

She had to remember that, vampires can't get in unless invited. Will knelt at her feet as she stopped in the kitchen. Stupid. She took a few steps, he followed, she stopped, he knelt down again. Walk, stop, walk, stop. She laughed and petted his hair. "Good boy." Only then did she move up the stairs. He didn't instantly follow, but one pull on the leash and he was right behind her.

"This here's my room, and yours." He was still hiding behind her. "At least until mom has the basement completely finished. She's planning to put a pallet there for you. But the shopkeeper said you had to stay with me the first few days so you get used to my scent."

Will was kneeling again, she patted the mat next to her bed, it was thick and soft, but Buffy found it hard to believe that anyone could actually sleep on it. She took a comforter and a second pillow from her bed, lying it on the ground.

"That's your place. For sleeping."

Will knelt down on the mat and she leaned over to pet him as she sat down on the bed. By the time they got downstairs, mom had already unpacked their stuff. The food they'd got earlier was already in the fridge and cupboards, the table on the other hand was covered with Wills stuff. His food, 'the toys', punishment tools, bloodsnacks, the drugs.

Buffy couldn't help but stare, especially at the toys. Some of them almost looked like some kind of abstract art. Buffy could hardly believe anyone would even want to be touched there, let out have something that big pushed inside. She gulped for a second and stared at the other stuff. It's when she looked at the paddles and the whip that she nearly threw up. "You don't really expect me to hit him with that, do you?" she asked her mother.

"I don't like it either Buffy. But you have to discipline a vampire. If you don't, you just make them think that their bad behavior is acceptable and they'll keep doing it. Untill one day he might snap and hurt someone. If he does that, he might have to be staked."

Buffy held in her breath, refusing to even consider that option. "He'll behave, I'm sure of it. Won't you Will?"

Her pet sat at her feet, still not looking up.

"I put a blanket on one of the chairs for him."
Mom waved at the seat. "He can sit there while we watch tv."

Buffy pouted at that, she wanted him with her, not in some chair at the other side of the table.
"You can't let him on any of the other couches Buffy. He might get blood on them or something."

Buffy took out the bowl and wrote on it with a marker. "William" She then quickly filled it with the blood substitute and added the plasma to it right before adding on to it with water. William knelt down next to his bowl and started drinking. She wished she could give him more. But the shopkeeper had advised them against overfeeding their vampire. Nobody wanted a fat vampire. He looked up, a trail of blood covered his lips.

She started setting the table for the rest of them, looking at the stuff and quickly putting most of it in a shelf before Dawn could get to see it. Spike was still waiting with his bowl, wide open eyes begging for more. But she’d already given him his ration for the day.

"Uhm, to your chair." she tried. He got up and moved to the chair that her mom had pointed out before, his shoulders hung down, his look dejected, almost upset. If she wasn’t so worried about hurting him by doing something wrong; she’d just give him more of the food. She nearly broke as he sat down, holding his legs as he sat in it, trying to make himself comfortable. Buffy gulped as she saw the zipper slip up behind his knees, in between his legs and up. She nearly dropped a plate trying to think of why the suit would be made that way. And actually dropping one when she realized exactly why that would be.
It was almost a pity that he was a vampire, if he'd been human, he'd be totally hot.


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