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More opinions on the new Angel eps

Well I was personally very surprised to find that I really liked Harmony... I've never really been all that attached to any of the Angel chars, the way I was to the Buffy characters...
(even though I tend to prefer the visual effects on Angel)
Yet with these two eps, it seemed like they're finally trying to actually attach us to these characters and not just in a soapstyle way...

I loved the way that Gunn has a place to belong in now, though I loved the contrast with basketball holding Gunn from the start of the ep But it's nice to know that they instantly started putting doubts about who knows what else the Senior Partners put in his head.
I was really worried about the rumors on what the upgrades were gonna be like, and I was pleasantly surprised that they were more like an upload of years of learning, rather than actual intelligence.
(mostly since I always felt that Gunn was more than intelligent enough on his own)

I don't really care about Angel on his own, but I just loved the A/S vibe in the second ep.
Yes even with the bickering and fighting and ...
(So what I'm a slasher, sue me)

I liked Wes enough, but he's not in my top five list of chars, so I didn't mind that he wasn't so much the centre of attention as he's been before.
(though I really really hope he won't be ignored either, there's no reason they can't put attention to all chars)

I liked Fred, AA did a great job in all her scenes, giving her a strenght and femininity without weakening the char from what she was before.

Lorne... just loved his crack about Bloom and Depp... come on, who didn't think that was about his fantasy life at first? You know, before he mentioned that they were actually customers.

And then there's Eve... now, no.. I didn't think her annoying. She was sweet and ... well she was sweet. (which is weird, since she's from W&H and we almost all expect her to be evil)
I don't think though that she had chemistry with Angel.. now that's nothing against the actress, neither did CC and I personally loved her acting otherwise.

And of course Spike... God I missed him. I know this is still Angel's show, and I don't expect it to be all about Spike.
(I'd much rather have Spike getting his own show for that thank you very much, it'd definitely be my top favorite show if it ever happened)

Anyway, back to the topic... I agree that 'Blondie bear' from Harmony was sheer perfection... Not to mention Harmony's reaction to finding out about Spike's having dated Buffy...
(nice to see it from the vampire's side of things for a change)

Still a Buffy/Spike shipper, adoring that one of Spike's first questions was about Buffy's well being and whereabouts... Loved how he met the crew, though I really don't get Spike's promotion to 'worst vampire, second only to Angelus...'

Yes, Spike was evil, true, but he was nowhere near Angelus' level of evil... Hell Darla, Drusilla, the Master, Luke, ... were all worse than him...(guess Fury just thought it sounded cooler, as untrue as it may be)

Sorry, back to topic...
I loved both eps, the second one better than the first. I just loved Hainsley, the villain of Just Rewards, the actor playing him was excellent, he wentalmost instantly into my alltime top five of fave Buffy-Angel villains.

I loved how Angel put his trust in Spike, believing in Spike's plan and putting his (un)life in Spike's hands...
It truly felt that there was more than just the animosity, even though that was there as well.
(they are really playing it up for the slashers)

And oh yes, DB lost weight... compared to pics of past seasons, DB looks a lot better than he used to in the past two seasons. Not to mention that the darker tones, not to mention the petty jealousy he had to play really suited DB's acting style...

All in short, two great eps.
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