Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

yet another meme and spoilers for Just Rewards

Five things about me, four of which are true and one of which is a dirty rotten lie:

1. My brother and his boyfriend are the best couple in our family
2. I once dated a Nigerian who started talking about marriage, almost the second I said I'd go out with him. (actually, no, I think it was the moment I told him I don't sleep with guys before marriage)
3. I once threatened a guy with a knife for daring to take his penis out of his pants in the middle of my shop.
4. I've stolen a couple of books on a book-convention a few years ago.
5. I'm a mother of a nine year old

Can't wait to ride home in an hour and see the new Angel ep again. Really need to see Spike....

Spike in Angel's bedroom, the two of them bickering... Spike basically saving Angel's life and Angel literally trusting his life in Spike's incorporeal hands... Still want him corporeal again, but I can't help loving Spike's strenght to refuse Hainsley's offer.

I really liked Hainsley btw, great villain, instantly entered my top ten, no top five of best Buffy/Angel villains of all time. The actor playing him was great.

And another thing that pleasantly surprised me...

I actually really, honest to God, loved Harmony in that ep. I wouldn't have believed it either, but she really fits in.


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