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Just Rewards mention for those interested

I just finally found out where everyone was getting the download for the new Angel eps from. (in case you were wondering...)

Now I'm not that impatient about the non-Spike eps, so I only downloaded Just Rewards, will give a full review and description later... still a bit happy and thrilled to have seen new Spike footage...

I'm a semi-A/S slasher half of the time, (B/S-fan the rest of it) and I just loved.... well let's keep the spoilers for my next post...

Now there's bits I found hard to watch and bits I loved, but overall I just loved seeing Angel and Spike onscreen together ;-)

And let's not forget, new Spike footage, yay!

Still not really liking the ghost bit though, even if I might end up really really liking Fred. Lore

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