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Fic: Angelus' pets 1/1 Angelus/William/Darla

And here is finally the result for my sandwich ficathon. Hope I didn't leave too much errors in.
(in case anyone feels like betaing, it's more than welcome)

Title: Angelus' pets
Rating: NC17
Warning: non graphic underage non-con
Pairing: Angelus/William/Darla, Angelus/oc
Summary: Spike really doesn't get along with Angelus' pets.

William had been on the run for hours. He wasn't stupid stupid enough to repeat past mistakes of trying to climb up a tree. Either you'd be stuck there till dawn, or Angelus would just push it over and then he'd be easy meat, not like those things cared that their meal was cold and moving. God how he hated those flea infested hell beasts.

It had started out so simple; they’d been in Italy for the past few months. Forming alliances, having general fun. The usual stuff. Then Darla returned with a new plaything, a young boy that used to care for some lords stable in the last residence that Darla had wormed her way into. The mother had been all too happy to let him go with the highborn lady, as soon as some money switched hands. The boy had been holding a puppy as he came in, a pet's pet.

Angelus had taken one look at the kid and the dog and a large grin filled his face. William hadn't even dared look up from his place between his sire's leg, quickly returning his attention back to his sire's cock and finishing off his work. Sliding out of the way while Angelus got up to the boy and his dog. The boy smelled of fear, desperate to keep his eyes away from the vampire. Angelus didn't even bother to tighten his pants. He pushed the kid down on his knees, forcing his still hard cock in the boys mouth, the brat almost choked. Pity for him that he didn’t; he was about twelve, thirteen years old and didn't have a clue about the danger he’d been put in.

William hurried to keep the fire from going out, not even bothering to grab his shirt. Angelus would want this to last and cold tended to be harmful to humans. Five hours later, the boy was still alive, just barely. He was bleeding all over, no longer even begging for anything, not since Angelus tore his tongue out after he accidentally scraped the vampire's cock. William had been watching his sire, wondering why the older vampire didn't just kill the boy. He'd already taken him enough times that there wasn't even a hint of resistance left. The boy was broken down, no longer even crying. But Angelus seemed to be in a mood and William had been taught better than to question at a time like this.

William sat down on the recliner, ignoring Darla and Drusilla who were quietly enjoying Angelus’ art while doing their needlework. Williams hand moved over to grab a bottle of scotch when a sharp pain bit into his fingers. He shrieked in pain when he realized that he'd accidentally hit the dog. The critter had decided to play hide and seek, ducking under the couch as a last ditch retreat.

Angelus dropped the bloody leftovers of the child on the floor touched by the scent of blood. He grabbed William's hand and cleaned the wound with his tongue. William tried to pull back, but Angelus nearly crushed his wrist as he did so. Then oh so softly, closing the wound and opening it again with his own teeth, William moaned under his touch.

Then he pushed William out of the way and out of the seat while kneeling down to pick up the dog. The puppy started barking, fighting, trembling as it felt another predator so close. "You're a fighter, aren't you." He petted the dog. "That's a good dog."

William stared as Angelus took a pillow and put the puppy on his lap, still petting it.

"Angelus what's that filthy beast still doing here?" Darla glared at the scene in disgust. It was a look that William knew all too well, though he was more used to see it aimed at him.

"Just thinking..."

"Drusilla dear, what would you say of having a new pet in the house, maybe more than one."

Drusilla clapped her hands and Cooed excitedly, already thinking up names.

"We could head out on a long hunt, rent a hunting cabin in the woods. Imagine the dogs driving forward the prey, exhausting and terrifying it till all we have to do is take our pick."
Darla didn't seem convinced. "Just imagine it, a pack of hounds, every last one of them trained to smell a human from miles away. I could have some human beat them up, let them know who to hate. And then when they're ready we'll have a hunting party, get as far away from civilisation and hunt down our ... guests."

It was obvious that Darla didn't mind that idea one bit.

"Lords in their petticoats, ladies in their corsets and long dresses...all running for their lives."

"We'd have to be careful though, can't just pick anyone, people would start to notice."

"Am I ever not careful." He was leaning up to her, whispering in her ear. Darla might let him pretend he was in charge, but anyone in the room, except maybe the forgotten half dead boy, knew exactly who held the leash here.
"William, take out the trash. We've got arrangements to make."

And that's how the hounds from hell had entered the household. Petted, spoiled, beaten by humans too scared to even try and run. Not that it helped them much when Angelus finally decided the dogs were ready, when he tied their tormentors up naked and dipped in pigs blood before he threw them in the dog quarters for the beasts to munch on. William hated the beasts guts and they hated him right back. And this was far from the first time that Angelus had sent them after him.

Darla had called him in her rooms three times already, told him to mind his sire. He’d tried to listen, he really had, but it was so hard to keep from laughing when some humans would…. He wanted to be a good boy, to be what Angelus wanted him to be. But all to often it was like Angelus would just forget he even existed if he didn’t make sure to remind him at least every once and a while.

He almost ran right into a tree, back against the wood, feeling them coming and hoping, almost praying they wouldn’t maul him too bad. Seeing them coming, it was like…

Like Darla lying on his bed waiting for him in her undergarments. Dru gone, somewhere, probably locked in the basement again. William tried to listen for her. Something smacked him out of his thoughts. A book hitting his face, his precious poetry, oh god she hadn’t read it had she? How had they gotten their hands on that? He had to stop thinking as she forced him down to the ground, too powerful to even think of fighting her.

“I don’t appreciate being ignored William, now get on the bed.”

William had obeyed of course; only a fool would deny Darla’s will, Darla’s needs, ones he knew all too well as he sated her again and again. His mouth dry and the muscles in his throat cramped tightly unable to take any more of it. The worst part was that he knew it was all because Angelus had been busy with the stupid dogs again.

He lashed out, terrified as the beast fell down. Angelus would skin him if he hurt any of his precious hounds. But it was crawling up already and William growled, no longer running and hiding like a human, but fighting like a predator defending his territory. The beasts stopped in their path, William growled, showing his fangs.

They were on him in a second, William grabbed one of the dogs with his teeth. He didn’t bite through, Angelus would kill him if he did, but forcing it down to show it’s submission. They halted in their path, staring at him, he roared.

Remembering earlier that day, as Angelus had pushed through the doors of his bedroom, and saw him in bed with Darla. Angelus had growled, only to flinch at the look in Darla’s eyes. Darla had signed at him to join them on the bed. William sat still, nursing his wounds. But Darla’s glare grew even worse as Angelus looked at William. William almost giggled as she ordered his grandsire to get undressed and lie on his stomach.

Angelus hesitated. Darla didn’t like hesitation. She really hated any kind of resistance to her orders. William knew that better than anyone, so when she asked him again, in a sickeningly sweet voice, William flinched right along with his grandsire. Angelus still tried to save himself, crawling on the bed and undressing quickly instead of teasingly.

Darla tore Angelus’ underpants off before he could even get to them. William lay on his side, trying to avoid his ass touching the sheets while Darla rode the larger vampire like his cock were her saddle horn. But of course Williams rest couldn’t last too long as Darla ordered Angelus to suck him off. William was torn between happily accepting the offer of a lifetime or running for his life because Angelus would kill him for doing this and Darla would kill him for refusing.

Angelus growled as he grabbed Williams’s cock, tugging it. William held in a scream, while hating the hard on this was giving him.

He didn’t speak, but his eyes spoke their message all too clearly.
“Don’t dare to come”

As if William hadn’t gotten that clue already. He fought his own body as Angelus’ lips slipped over his cock, feeling blunt human teeth scrape his skin, sucking their way up and down. And it was killing him, killing him not to, please please I need to…

Darla simply smiled, as Angelus pulled off, furious. William rolled over on his stomach, nursing a hard on that he knew wouldn’t get released till Darla let him. He was panting and pushed back when he felt something harsh and wooden force its way inside of him.

Not again.


The dogs took a step back, staring at the predator they’d been hunting and feeling terror. One by one they showed him their submission, backing off, showing their necks. William took a step forward. They backed away, another… yes.

Hearing Angelus’ screams as Darla grabbed his elders face while never stopping her unrelenting pace in his ass. She’d never lay down and take it unless she chose to, and so it was that even as Angelus was allowed to sink inside of her, it was still her that set the pace. Rubbing herself on his cock while the huge wooden dildo attached to her belt was forced into William over and over again.

William knew he was only here as an object lesson to Angelus. To show him how easily his toys could be taken away, how nothing was his, that he could just as easily have been one of the dogs for Darla to throw herself on. So he stayed still, waiting for Darla to finish, for them to throw him out of his own bed and out into the cold of the living room, staring at the smouldering glints of what remained of the fire.

He was naked and alone and had no idea of what to do now, because heading for Angelus and Darla’s bed wasn’t even in question. He sat on the table, holding on to his legs, staring up, waiting for the sounds to end and finally rolled up then and there, desperate to get some sleep. Get some… and stare straight into Angelus face, realizing Darla had thrown him out as well.

William hadn’t even waited to put his clothes on as he heard Angelus get the dogs.

He petted the largest of the dogs, still holding it by the scruff of its neck and the creature licked his fingers. The second one lay down at his feet and he finally knelt down in between them, allowing them to beg him for favours.

He was still naked when Angelus found him, surrounded by the hounds as they kept him warm. Angelus sneered, and told him to come back home before the dawn. Telling him that Drusilla was worried as hell. And why had he ran off like that in the first place. Not a single word was said of Angelus sending the hounds after him, or of the events preceding that.

So William sat in front of the newly lit fire, the hounds at his and Angelus’ feet. Angelus told him to get upstairs, Angelus fucked him, Angelus held on to him in the bed and Angelus wouldn’t let go till the next evening. And William just lay down in bliss.

The dogs were dead the next morning. The floor clean around them, they’d been strangled. Angelus blamed Dru, who hadn’t been allowed to leave the basement all day. Darla showed her disdain and just told them they’d leave the next morning, as soon as they’d eaten the help. And Angelus, he had a leather belt made out of the largest dogs skin. It soon became his favourite.

The end
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