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Plotbunnies that won't go away

Have you ever had a story that kept playing in your head? One of those things that you say over and over again... it'd be too stupid or silly to write...

Ever since I first read the Christopher Golden novel,'Pretty Maiden all in a row' I've been wondering what would happen if Spike got sent back in time and those kids had to come face to face with the current Spike.

Now for those who don't know. PMAIR plays in the fourties. Basically it's a story about Spike and Dru in a race against the council to kill all potential slayers.
(pretty relevant all that when you consider season seven)

I just kept thinking about it, but kept deciding not to do it, since there's too many chars the average readers don't know.. Too many chances of committing the grave crime of Mary Sueing...
And woudln't it repeat too many great other time travel fics...

Anyway, I finally cracked and started writing, meaning I now really would love some help in seeing if I'm keeping the characters correct and such.

I chose to limit my time travellers to Spike, Buffy and Dawn.
(Well them and the bad guy)
Came up with a plot (a bit standard, but not the point of the fic anyway)
And... I even came up with a way to limit the amount of new chars, so that I wouldn't have to overflow the readers with information.

Ah well...
For those who haven't ran off already...
The first chapter is up at
Let me know if it sucks will ya...
Tags: unfinished wip

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