Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

400 words drabble: Show of a lifetime

I know, not much, but it's all I could come up with for the 400 word-athon thingy on sickchicks*g*


“Step on up, Step on up. Come to see the Amazing Vampyre. Once in a life time show. Step on up for the Nosferatu, captured in the depth of Karpatia…”
The tent was filled; almost every single adult on the fair and some of the kids had gotten in to see the show. Seconds later all the flaps were closed, leaving the tent bathed in darkness illuminated by nothing but the candles surrounding the centre ring.

A large dark man stepped to the middle of the circus tent, looking cold and composed while two others pushed a cage in front of them. There was a large coverlet over the cage. The dark man grabbed one side of it and stood there looking as menacing as any man all dressed in black could.
“For those who are faint of heart, weak in mind and spirit, this is your last warning, what you are about to see will weigh on your soul for a lifetime to come. There is still time to leave.

A few people shuffled in their seats but nobody left. A glint of something dangerous played in the mans eyes as he pulled back the covers from the cage, showing a young man with honey blond hair huddling in it. The man was barely dressed and hissed when he saw the crowd. All of them staring at him.

“Show yourself Monster. Let them see you.”

The sound of leather hitting metal and flesh as the man in black slapped his whip against the cage, hitting the caged man’s wrist. The young man looked scared and the crowd started shouting for him to show himself.

“Still refusing are you. Let’s see about that.”
A woman dressed all in white came in, dragging a goat behind her. She gave over the leash to the dark man. He smiled and pulled out a knife. A quick cut and blood started flowing from the goat’s neck. Mothers quickly held their hands in front of their children’s eyes, and screamed as the young man’s face shifted, his looks becoming those of a demon.

“And now to the last part of our show.”
The dark man grinned and his face shifted as well, so did that of the attendants at both entrances and two of the girls.

The creature in the cage watched frustrated, as the screaming started, whispering.
”It’s the show of a lifetime.”

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