Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic in drabbles: Fathers day

Written for open_on_sunday

Title: Father's day
Rating: gen

Spike wasn't even sure why he did it. It was just a silly human habit, not something he should get involved with. Pretend it's just a joke and knowing it wasn't, not in his heart. He hesitated a bit before signing it. William, not Spike, no … He erased the name and put Spike.
He left the card on Angel's desk, planning to leave before his sire returned. No such luck. Grumbled something, ignored the suspicious look on Angel's face, turned back as Angel picked up the father's day card, looked at it and threw it away without opening it.

Angel barely managed to avoid bumping into Spike as he left the office. What the hell had the brat done now. He quickly put Spike out of his mind and thought to get back to work, grabbing for the folder he'd left behind from last night. It was only then that he first noticed the card carefully placed in the middle of the desk. It was beautiful, blue, black and red with a drawing of an gryphon on the front.
He threw it away, despising Eve even more for doing this to him. He never even bothered to open it.

Wesley found the card some time later while looking for a pencil sharpener he'd accidentally dropped in the wastebasket. The gryphon on the front was a simpler version of the tattoo on Angel's back. He touched it, brushing his fingers over the relief, opened it and saw Spike's name.
He couldn't help but think of another card, given to his own father and discarded just as easily because of a single spelling error. He'd been four at the time. He wondered if he imagined the look of gratitude on Spike's face, when he asked him for his help with Illyria.

Harmony smiled as she took care of stuff for Angel's next meeting, noticing the card. She opened it and smiled. Her blondiebear was so sweet, making a father's day card for his sire. She put it up, leaving the inscription in sight. When Angel came in she was smiling as she told him his program for the day. Angel flinched at seeing the card, she couldn't understand why.
"So when are you and Spike going out for diner? I mean, that's what I used to do with my dad before I died, or doesn't it work that way for vampires?"

Spike stood stunned after Angel took a stake for him, saving him from a dusty fate. Spike wiped his hands off on his duster, cracked some jokes, staring through the window at the rest of the world. Wesley and Illyria in the watchers office, Gunn's empty, abandoned almost. And Angel sitting behind his desk, king of the world. A single card on his desk. Spike didn't think that Angel even knew he was standing here. He smiled as his card was still on the desk while Angel turned away. His sire still cared.
Couldn't leave after that, now could he.

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