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Without Xander

I've been trying to get my frontpage back in order for a while now and this week I finally succeeded.
On top of that I managed to arrange a new website for the Without Xander group I moderate.

You can find it at:

I've even got the first ep up.
Seeing Red.

There's a page for fanfic, if anyone feels like writing fanfic based on our AU, spoilers, I'll hand those over to someone else that might feel like it and Vids, once I got a place large enough to hold some music vids.
(I've barely got 20 MB up at the site I got now, which is a bit too small to host any vids myself)

Anyway, I'm waiting for Lessons to be finished now, once that's done, I'll be posting that one and then Beneath You
Depending of course on wether the other season six eps will be finished anytime soon. (if they are they'll be posted first)

I'm really exited about this since it's a good start for the AU and I hope others will like it as well

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