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A tail of cats, Anakin Skywalker and why I should not be allowed to read anything written by Golden

You know for a journal, I don't often use this thing to mention something about my life away from the computer. A lot of you will probably say 'thank god for that' but I thought that I might at least try and put something about me in this thing*g*

It's funny really, how when you just want to help your sister, you end up in the worst kind of trouble at times... I promised Nele to feed her cats for at least one weekend while both she and the neighbour that normally takes care of the little critters, were gone.
Of course exactly that weekend, we were asked to do overtime, and instead of like usual from six in the morning till one, for this exceptional time, they asked us to work from nine till five. Not a problem for me, I thought I'd just take the train a bit later then, sleep over in Antwerps and maybe take in a movie while I'm there.

So of course then our shiftmanager needs one person to stay an hour longer to work on the rear bumpers cause the machine didn't work right during the first hour. Not a problem of course, right?
Just called my aunt, told her I wouldn't be back on time to go shopping, and back to work.

And yes, getting boring here, let's make it simple, six a clock in the evening, still haven't gotten out of Herentals and the cats are probably still waiting for food.

But of course ... I made a promise and there were hungry cats waiting for me.
Next thing I know auntie's called me, telling me she'll meet me anyway, goes with me to my apartment, where I get out of my workclothes and into something a wee bit more comfortable. And she starts messing with my cabinets, cause apparantly the way I set my video sets and books annoys her for some reason in particular.

Of course by that time it's getting close to seven and I'm still not in Antwerps, with the cats, who are waiting for me to bring them food. Well probably.
By the time I finally got out of the house, my aunt rearranged my bookshelves, switched the position of my computer, printer and soundboxes, cause apparantly they were annoying her as well and I'd managed to read some of my mail since... well what else was I supposed to do while waiting for her to leave so I could go feed those cats...

Yep, seven thirty, still in Herentals, cats still waiting.

I finally manage to leave, having lots of fun reading 'The wisdom of war' by Christopher Golden on the train. Btw, I've sworn for the third time to never read anything by Christopher Golden again. Remind me of this the next time I see one of his Buffy books again, will you guys? Please? I have met few people less capable of making me hate Buffy and the scoobies than this guy... And all that while he's trying to make Spike look like the bad guy. Emphasis on trying.

Anyway, ate food at the station, waited for the train, eight a clock, still in Herentals, cats still waiting.

So off I am, about fifty pages to go in my book and finding myself saying, 'why don't you just kill them all already' to the Spike in the book while knowing he won't do it. The poor guy was always too nice. Twenty minutes later finally on the train, still reading and going over and over. "Stop talking about the scoobies I don't care for them, tell me what's happening with Spike and that demonqueen."

Yep, still don't like Golden.

Almost nine o clock, finally in Antwerps, being my lazy self I take a small detour so I got an excuse not to walk directly over to my sister's place, and go check the cinema to see if they play either 'Unleashed' or 'Revenge of the Sith'. Had no luck with the first, turns out, the second one had only just started five minutes ago... And in a movie like this, what do five minutes matter right? Probably just saved myself from the title scroll.

Watching movie, deciding that Hayden Christiaensen needs acting classes. Deciding after about ten minutes, that he should take Ewan MacGregor with him for a refresher course and after half an hour that the only people capable of acting in this movie are the guy who plays Palpatine and the guy who plays Mace Windu. The explosions and fights were nice though.
And oh yes Yoda. Nothing beats Yoda.
(Started thinking of a fic about the clones that had to betray their jedi generals and how much control they had over their actions. Makes me wonder how they felt about their orders. What can I say, I liked the guy who played Cody.*g*)

Anakin goes evil, it's after eleven by now and yes, those cats are still waiting for food.
Yes I'm evil, but I really needed to sit down. Oh come on, give a girl a break, I did just work all morning and part of the afternoon. ...
Cats still waiting though.

So I head for the long walk to my sister's place. Yes, I do still feel my feet, thank you very much. Why do I even bother to walk instead of just hiring a cab? *heads hits desk, careful not to hit keyboard, don't have money for a new one*

So it's almost twelve, I'm finally at my sister's place, get out my key...
Front door, no problem, head up the stairs, book in bag, ready to finally feed those cats...

The stupid fucking key doesn't fit

Turns out when my uncle was nagging me while I was making duplicates of the keys for my new place, that I accidentally mixed up one of my keys with my sisters.
*hits desk again, keyboard still untouched*

So there I was on the stairway, with automatic light dimmer, waiting for my aunt, who by the way is a very nice person, and my uncle who's equally nice, really, and my kidcousin who couldn't be left at home alone, to bring me my keys. Yep, the three of them, after midnight, one of which is a newly eleven years old boy, bringing me my keys, so I can finally get into my sisters place and feed those damn cats.

Worst of all, the neighbour left enough food for them for three days so I didn't even have to go over in the first place.
*keyboard jumps out of the way before it gets hit*

Result, uncle and auntie took me back home, I got to sleep in my own bed.
Finished the book and wanted to slap Tara.
(die Golden die, nobody and I do mean nobody gets me to hate Tara*grumble*)

And oh yes Golden sucks, cats were fed and everyone involved had a new funny tale to annoy me with.
I hate Christopher Golden, I really really do.

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