Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Well since it will be my birthday in a couple of weeks, I was kinda hoping to have a small ficathon thingy going. Since it's such a short time, there won't be any limits on how much you want to write. (more is better of course ;-) )

There's a few restrictions.
It has to have Spike, preferably good souled Spike, though I can go easy on that.
Pairings could be Spike/Buffy, Spike/Angel or any other Spike pairing, long as it isn't Spike/Willow or Spike/Dawn.

Storykinks to choose from:
- Time travel
- sub/Dom (preferably with Spike as sub)
- slavefic (preferably with Spike as the slave)
- romance
- humor
- Spike-centric crossovers

Anyone feel like taking part? Just sign up now until the 20th and then I'll put up a post for the submissions on the 26th.

ETA: just wanted to add that this is not supposed to be a request thing. Just want some fics that hit my storykinks.*g*

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