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Well I'll be moving into my new place this week. Got all of the furniture there already, which is of the good. Honestly, with the kind of weather we had yesterday, I thank God that we had the sense to get two movers along with the lift. Don't think we could have done it without them.

(of course we also made sure they got at least two drinks a man, plus tips for being able to work in this heat, over 30°C just to say something)

Got everything in through the window, including my newly bought couch. Managed to arrange some of the stuff after auntie left. My home, my choice in how to put things right? (not if it depends on auntie though, she'd probably come up with tons of reasons why my choices in putting stuff aren't good enough*g*)

Either way, I won't have internet until friday, so all I'll be able to do, will be come to my aunts and since it's late shift this week...
I really don't like getting up in the morning to come to Olen.

Today we'll put up the bed, I'll get my stuff in the various shelves and I'll put up my comp. I'll also have plenty of time to work on the results of that poll I put up over a week ago. (soon as I copy the info from it and work on it at my internet less comp)

So in case I don't show up much all of next week, that's the reason.
See you guys soon, don't have too much fun without me*g*
and maybe post as little as possible so I can actually get through my friendslist when I get back*eg*

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