Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Looking for info

I'm considering to buy a dog. In specific, a french bull.

I was hoping that anyone has any information for me.
The sellers are asking for 400€ is that much or not?
Is there anything in specific I should look out for, stuff like that?

Point in total is that I'm getting lonely and even though my studio is pretty small, I think a small dog should be within the options.
From everything I've heard a french bull would be perfect for me, since I need a small dog that won't mind being alone while I'm at work, that can be quiet and sweet, who's easy to handle and that doesn't mind being cuddled while I'm on the comp*g*.

In other words, I'd like to have a lazy sweet affectionate dog who doesn't bark too much...
Think that a french bull would be good for that?

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