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Rewatching Chosen

Sure I don't hate all of it, and I guess the ep could have been
worse, but overall I don't like it. And the one thing that makes me
hate it every single time, no matter how often I rewatch the ep, is
the ending.

I didn't like the beginning cause it had Buffy make a fool of
herself with Angel, and as much as I despise Angel, I thought it was
stupid how easily he was sent on his way. Leaving all the really
important issues still lying there, just to mess with everyone and
have Buffy be a flimsy fool who can't seem to let go of an idealized
fantasy of her past.

I might have felt differently if Angel had stayed longer and him and
Buffy had actually even tried to deal with the issues between them.
If they'd actually discussed the fact that Angel and Buffy haven't
seen eachother in over a year and that the last time that they did
meet, Angel either didn't notice the emotional pain that Buffy was
in, or didn't care enough to keep in touch and check up on her.

They didn't discuss the fact that Spike had chosen to get his soul,
while Angel was punished with his. They didn't even have Angel ask a
very simple question, like why the hell is Spike here and why aren't
you staking him... No instead they just have him instantly assume
Spike must be the new boyfriend...

If Angel knew that Spike was helping Buffy, unsouled, then why is
that NEVER mentioned on Angel. One would think that a soulless
vampire fighting on the side of the slayer, hell a soulless vampire
being allowed around a Slayer to begin with, would be a big enough
thing to mention at least once.

Angel never even mentions his crush on Cordelia, he's not required
to tell anyone about Connor. The fact that only recently he lost his
soul and he once again, had to have his soul forced back into him
isn't even seen as something worth noting.

No instead we got happy quippy Angel who never seems to have had a
life outside of Buffy, completely ignoring Angel's life in LA.
If that's what we have to look forward to in Angel S5, count me out.

Then instead of actually having Buffy tell Angel off, having her
make a decision one way or another, she gives him the cookiespeech
and a promise of someday, completely ignoring that the Curse is the
least of the problems between them.

So Buffy goes home, has some talk to her friends, completely
forgiving them for the simple matter of throwing her out of her own
home at most a few days earlier.

And there's Spike, stoically trying to deal with his pain of seeing
the love of his (un)life kissing Angel, the one man who's already
taken everything he held dear.(ergo Dru, season two)
This not even two days after Spike told her that just being with
Buffy, being close to her terrified him more than anything else in
his life and she made a specific effort to drag that out of him and
tell him it meant something for her as well.

And she dares to pretend he's acting out with being jealous?
How stupid can a girl be?
If you don't want the guy, then don't pretend that you do.If you
love someone else, tell the guy you can't feel the same thing he
does, but do not, I repeat do not, ask him to cuddle with you and
comfort you if you don't mean something with it.

If you notice my leaving out any big bits with the scoobies, that's
on purpose, after the last two years I hardly even care about them
anymore, by the end of Chosen I despised them.
Was it so hard to show one, just one moment between Dawn and Spike
other than her threatening him in Beneath you?
Was it so hard to show Giles as sorry for trying to murder Spike?
Or is all that too much to ask.
Of course it is.

I'm not even gonna start on how stupid Buffy's plan really is.
Activating all potentials might seem cool and all that, but in the
end it's not what saves them. If not for Spike and the amulet they
all would have died needlessly.
There's no reason for Buffy to open the seal and risk to unleash the
ubervamps on the world.
There's no hurry,no reason why she can't just call Riley and ask him
for help, why she can't just get Angel and his entire group there,
why she can't at least take more preparations, more weapons, esp.
for the non-Slayers following her into the school.
Sorry to those disagreeing, but stupidity is not empowerment.

Sacrificing someone who loves you is not empowerment, esp. if you
don't even show that person the curtosy of mourning their death.
That girl in Inca Mummy Girl thought she was saving her people,
didn't mean she wasn't suckered into what basically meant her death.
And an eternity of unlife locked in a box. But then, even she got
more emotion out of the scoobies than Anya and Spike's death did.

Maybe if they'd known about the amulet beforehand I could accept it.
If the rising apocalypse had been shown through signs, actual proof,
(remember the rats, rain of fire... in Angel season four, now that I
could believe was an apocalypse and I usually don't even like the
show Angel)... I might accept the urgency, ...
If Spike had chosen his fate, knowing what it would be and still
taking it, I might accept it... But as it is I can't seem to find
anything good, let out brilliant about the plan. No matter how much
I like Buffy.

Enough has been said about the belated. "I love you" "No you don't"
so I won't start on that. I won't even argue on the smile, to me at
least Buffy seemed up to that moment at least somewhat affected by
Spike's sacrifice...
What got me the angriest was the scoobies reaction of joking about
the mall...
Especially Xander's.

Now I don't like Willow, so her apathy since at least her girlfriend
survived didn't even surprise me. Faith didn't even know Spike, but
you'd think that it'd matter to her at least a bit since she has to
notice if that's how they react to Anya's and Spike's death... that
might give her an idea of how little they'd care if she died.
(compared to Willow's who's litterally forgiven for killing people
and trying to destroy the world even though she has shown little or
no actual repentance.)

What hits me the worst though are Dawn and Xander.
The complete ignoring of Spike's death by Dawn and Xander's easy
overstepping of Anya's death just to have them happy and joking is
disgusting. And ends up leaving me with a direct hate against both
characters. Two of which I've liked a lot in the past.

And once again, was it so hard to give Giles one line, just one line
in which he could say he was wrong about Spike? Hell just a suprised
or shocked look on his face might have been a nice change...

But then Spike's a demon, so we're not supposed to care about his

At the time I first saw the ep, I was at least slightly consoled
knowing Spike would be back. Knowing the spoilers... I don't even
have that.

So no, I don't like Chosen, I don't laugh contentedly at that scene
of the 'core four' in the hall way; since I don't give a damn about
the core four. I don't give a damn about the Dungeons and Dragons
scene since the scene leaves me cold, except for the knowledge that
only hours later, that girl playing with them, Amanda, will be dead
and her dead'll be ignored as easily as Spike and Anya's was.

I don't care about Willow becoming a 'goddess' or about Wood and
Faith having a chance at it. I don't care enough about Faith to give
a damn about her future with Wood.

And no, I don't buy the fanwank of, it was just shock, they're mourn
later, offscreen...
Even if they do, that isn't what I needed at that moment, I needed
to see them mourn. I needed to see my fave chars mourned the way
Tara was, the way Jenny Callender was, the way Joyce was, hell even
the way Cassie was in Help.

I needed for Joss to show me that Spike mattered, that his death
mattered. That people cared that he lived and died. And for me, I
didn't get that from Chosen.
And so, I don't like Chosen, no, I hate Chosen.
So thanks Joss for making sure I never ever want to see any of the
scoobs ever appear on Angel again. You made damn sure I won't miss
seeing them.
Thanks a lot.


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