Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Rant: annoyed by anti-Rose feelings that I keep seeing crop up in a certain community

What is it about strong capable female characters on tv-shows that makes the fans hate them so much?
Buffy on the first five seasons of Buffy (not touching the last two, they nearly destroyed Buffy in s6 by turning her into a domestic abuser); Rose on Doctor Who...

Girls who show their mettle, don't give in to guys and are shown to be able to handle themselves in a tough spot. Not in the girly, I'm so cute way like Willow, but as someone who knows how to deal with trouble and who doesn't wait for the boys to bail her out.

In fact, if Buffy or Rose were guys, they'd probably be some of most slashed, most capable characters there are. Hell, what's the difference between a Blair Sandburg and a Rose Tyler, other than that Rose is female and thus is not allowed to be capable and right.

Maybe I'm exagerating, I don't know...
I just know that Rose is one of my favorite characters. Her compassion, kindness, ability to handle herself... without becoming cutesy makes her that. Hell I like her as much as I do the Doctor, almost as much as I like Spike and considering how much I'm liking this new Doctor Who series they might even catch up.

Yet I keep seeing fans saying about how Rose is too perfect. I don't think so, no more so than any other sidekick on any other buddy show. Only difference is, she's a woman, so a lot of fans seem to be looking more strictly at her.

When Wesley is a good shot, an expert on any demon language, capable in fighting, all that, it's cool. When Fred does it, she's a Mary Sue. When Angel is in charge and playing the boss, then he's just being a strong male char. When Buffy does the same she's haughty and arrogant.

When Xander doesn't notice other people's pain, he's still the one who sees, but when buffy doesn't, she's a bitch...

It's an attitude I find highly annoying. Why are we so much more strict with female characters than with the male ones. Why are male characters allowed so much more slack by the fans?
Not that I'm saying that the female characters are always right.
Willow gets forgiven for just about anything, no matter how undeserving she is and yes Buffy's behavior towards Spike and Dawn in s6-s7 is very hard to take, yet I find people hating her long before her behavior took such a bad turn. Hell I've seen people hate her behavior towards the scoobs, yet I tend to find her being way too forgiving towards them.
yet when Angel acts the same way, distant, closed off, the fans feel sorry for him(not all but a lot).

I don't know, but this whole attitude is starting to annoy me.
It's gotten so bad, that I'm actually cheering when I find a slashfic that doesn't just push the women to the side, acts as if they aren't there, or even worse, turns them into the horrible evil ones that are so neglecting to the poor misunderstood men of the fic.
And worst of all, most of this attitude seems to come from other women.

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