Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Any of you guys interested in RPG's?
I've been involved in two RPG-groups that are somewhat connected.
sages_of_chaos which is the main one, and _transgression_ which is a darker spin-off of the first.

I play Spike, Hart and the ninth Doctor(though I'm still trying to find that last one's voice*g*)
Problem is, since the start, I've wanted an Angel or Angelus to interact with. Someone to have Spike snark at, annoy. Preferably someone who doesn't mind dark slashy interactions (even though Spike's with Buffy in this one)

Anyone feel like vollunteering to come play Angel? The darker the better.
(there's also a souled Dru in this game who'd like me, would love to have a daddy to play with*g*)

Pretty please?
Even if only to kick vampXander and VampWillow's ass in order to free Spike along with Buffy*g*
(really need to free Spike, the poor boy's been in their hands for over a week now)

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