Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Some thoughts about Buffy and Doctor Who

Just wondering how many people here watched ep 6 of the new Doctor
Who and started thinking comparisons with the Buffyverse.
Specifically, Buffy's dealing with the darkness inside of her and
Spike's redemption.

The interaction between the doctor and that Dalek was highly
interesting, exactly because it made the doctor face his darkness.
And unlike ME, Doctor Who didn't hold back. Showing the Doctor
becoming as bad as his worst enemy.

A lot of people compare Rose to Buffy, but honestly, Rose is much
much more compassionate. Of course she's also much more innocent but
still... At least when Rose learns something, she still remembers it
the next ep.

(such as taking her lessons about realizing that just cause someone
is different, that doesn't make them evil)

Unlike Spike though, the Dalek in question, could not deal with
being infected by humanity, by feelings.
Where Spike could find the strenght to move on, to change, the Dalek
was incapable of suchsame and destroyed itself, rather than allowing
itself to live while infected with feelings. Destroying the impure
as it was programmed to do.

Anyone else have any idea on this?
(What? Are you gonna tell me we don't have any Who fans here?*g*
Can't be right? Haven't been this interested in a char since Spike,
so that's saying something about how much the guy is getting to me.
And Eccleston is about as good an actor as James is. From goofy
grin, to deadly serious, to childlike innocence, to... I just love
that guy.)

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