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Doctor Who


Why is it that so many review of Doctor Who by socalled fans are so negative?
I've seen every ep of the new series now and I just love the show. Things that some reviewers keep naggin on about, I've usually barely noticed or liked.

I like Rose, I like the doctor, his childlike playfullness combined with his seriousness just makes me fall for the char like I haven't done since Spike. I love Mickey, I love Rose's mom. I've loved every single supporting character and for now the only negative thing I can seem to think of is the farting in the fourth and fifth ep. And my ten year old cousin who watched (was forced to watch*eg*) the fourth ep with me, just loved that...

So am I weird for being so positive?

I just want to be glad that I've got a new show to watch out for *sniff*, want to squee that I've got something to be impatient about, something to get me exited other than some virtual series or fanfic updates. (Which btw, lit_gal, the sooner I can read any more of Beautiful Broken the better. You got me all glowing everytime I find a new update....)
So why can't I find some more positive reviews by old time fans... Why are so many of the old time fans so negative?

PS: Rose/Doctor new OTP

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