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Fic: Clipped Wings(8/8)

I've been brooding on this for a bit and after a talk with my beta (thank you spikes_heart), I've decided to rewrite the fic a bit. For one thing, I'll be adding more background and stuff.

Now since I already posted the other seven parts, I feel that I owe it to you guys to at least post this original ending, esp. since the new ending will be different and might not make sense without the other revised bits of previous parts.
Anyway, here it is

Title: Clipped Wings
Author: Lore
Rating: R (for implied violence and rape)
Pairings: starts out as B/A, includes very dark present time spangel and ends up B/S
Summary: AU s5, Angel has everything he wants, power, prestige, Buffy ... so why isn't it enough?
Notes: This was an experiment at using the fade to black. Small warning, Angel is very nasty in this one. Warning, Character death

Previous Parts

Angel tried to tell himself that it was over now. It wasn't his fault. It was the amulet, the keys of the building that Lilah gave him after they first took over. Fred and Wes had checked it out and there was some kind of mystical drive in it to loosen its wearers inhibitions. That still didn't stop Fred from refusing to look at him. It hadn't made him do anything, she'd said, just made him more likely to do the things he'd otherwise have just thought about.
She called him sir now; when she even spoke to him. He wanted to tell her he'd never hurt her, but it didn't seem to help.

Gunn flat out left. If that was the kind of man, he was working for, he'd said, then he'd rather be on the streets. He was working in Anne's shelter. Angel almost envied him for the ease of his convictions.

Lorne, Lorne ignored him. The demon pretended he didn't hear him when he called out for him. Once when Angel had stopped him, driven him to the wall, hoping to talk to him, Lorne had shivered, asking him if Angel wanted him to take Spike's place now, seeing as how he wasn't human either…
The words drove him running.
He'd had to hear through rumors that Harmony was working for the watchers now. A vampire secretary at slayer central. And she thought it was safer than working here...

But it was Wesley who was the worst, cause Wes still spoke to him. Somewhat.
There was shame whenever the former watcher had to ask him something. And he did, often. The way Wes kept looking at him, as if expecting him to go off the tracks at any given moment. Like he couldn't be trusted, and worse, it was like Wes no longer trusted himself either.

They'd gone on a stake out the night before, a restaurant, catering in exotic foods. When they finally went in, they found a few cells, what remained of a young woman was placed on a small cot in the corner. Both her legs, one of her arms and pieces of her torso were gone. He had no idea how she still managed to stay alive. When he released her and she finally died, it was almost a mercy. She was a werewolf; they'd been eating her alive, bits and pieces, every single month. She had begged him to kill her, barely able to speak, barely able to breathe. Her hair gone, in the way for her capters when they'd....

He finally remembered her when he heard her say his name, he'd saved her from a werewolf, gave her some hints on how to lock herself up and left her hanging out to dry, cause he'd been to busy with Spike to check up on her.
He hadn't even known she was missing.
Turns out her family had asked the company's help, but no one had been listening.


He ducked away under their glances and glares, ignoring the whispering and the giggling when they saw him. His demon tingling in distress from all the Slayers around him. Buffy had asked him to have diner with her, he couldn't. He just kept looking at the cup of blood, wanting to taste it, but fearing it at the same time. Angel had tested him like that, giving him blood and punishing him when he dared to touch it.

Vampire, vampire, feed like a vampire…

Buffy had given him a plate of chicken wings, she'd made them herself she said. He couldn't even bring himself to look down. The scent tortured him, so close, but to reach out for them meant pain. And Buffy was Angel's, isn't that what Angel had said, over and over and over and… until you no longer dared to say he was wrong, cause he had to be right.
Angel was right, right?

Buffy had told him to sit down, hadn't let him get to the ground either. She hugged him when she saw that, she cried, but he thought it was because he was so stupid. Where were the rules? How could he know he was doing it right if there were no rules, and the old rules no longer counted.

She didn't say anything when he sat down on the floor in the tv-room, just sat down next to him, still trying to hold on. He wondered how long it'd be till she hit him. It was almost easier when the hitting started, because then it'd be over soon, the worst was waiting for the pain to start. It could take seconds, it could take days, but it always happened.
Would she hit him before they left, or only when the girls were gone? Maybe she didn’t want to hit him in front of them, or was she waiting for all of them to arrive so they could all see what you did to the stupid vampire that didn't know his place.
Hit me please... he didn't speak.


Angel didn't even seem surprised when Buffy finally showed up in his office, a stake in her hand. She put it on the desk in front of him. Didn't say a word.
"You've got five minutes."
Or I'll do it for you, her words implied.

He didn't even need one.


Dana tried to run, tried to fight, it didn't help. The bad man would always find her. So when she finally saw him his name rang through her head. William the Bloody, Spike, he'd killed Nicki, would kill her.

And yet when she hit him, make him never hurt her again, he just held her, kept her close.
She didn't believe him the first day, or the second.
But one night she heard his nightmares, him begging for sire not to hurt him no more and she crawled on the bed next to him. Wanting to choke him, wanting to comfort him.

He was awake, held her, neither of them looked up as Buffy entered the room and saw them.
The Bad Man wouldn't hurt them no more.

The End

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