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Slave fic recommendations

Don't know, maybe you guys have already seen these. Considering how good these two are, it would surprise me if you hadn't...

Anyway, they're both wip's, but both authors are quite regular in their updates

Title:Beautiful Broken
Author: lit_gal
Rating: NC-17 (hard NC-17)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: They're owned by people who don't know how to play with them.
Warnings: slavery, non-con, D/s, HC, reference to past torture, bondage. LOTS OF HURT/COMFORT
Status: WIP
Summary: saying too much could spoil you for it.
Reason for Rec: If you never plan to read either S/X or a slave fic or even slash, at least make an exception for this one. This is probably one of the best s/x slave fics that I have ever read.
It's heartfelt, deep, meaningful, hot, ... has every single character, including Spike and Xander completely in character. Every person in this fic behaves according to how they'd react and not just how the plot would like to have them behave. There's not a word too much, not a chapter that you feel could have been left out. The pacing is wonderful.
And unlike a lot of other slash fics, it doesn't just center on the boys. The portrayal of some of the women in this fic is just right.

I could say more, but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprises for you.
Just go read it already.

The second fic is something I found through sickchicks. The author's journal is friendlocked, though I'm sure if you're polite and ask for permission she might let you in to read it.

Title: His Pet
Author: soulless_lover aka Emily
RATING: NC-17 overall
WARNINGS: slavery, torture, daddy!kink, kitty!kink, belt!kink, noncon
LAME DISCLAIMER: i don't own 'em. don't sue or i'll cry.
A/N: AU - Destiny occurred before Life of the Party (so Spike was corporeal during LotP), and Mr. Pee Pee (Archduke Sebassis' slave demon) was killed instead of Arthold.
SUMMARY: How far will Angel go to make Sebassis think they're on the same side?
Reason for recommendation: There's a beautiful first pov description of a mental breakdown shown here. Not just telling us what happens, but showing the effects of it, without ever truly becoming graphic in it's descriptions. And it's the stronger for it. Because we aren't shown every action, our own minds get to fill the blank, making the experience all the more horrifying for it.

Plus there's SpikeKitty...

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