Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I am furious.
I am beyond furious.

I'm catholic, not the most church going person, but still, catholic.
I read my bible, pray to God, believe...
The usual stuff.

And yeah, I didn't always agree with the old pope, he was old, behind the times and would have benefitted from a more open mind, but this new choice...
It's like those cardinals decided to pick the worst possible option they could find.

I don't say this often, I really hate saying this...
But the only good thing about this man is his age.
I hope he dies soon, so we can get a new more decent pope.

God I hate saying this, I hate wishing for a man's death, but unless they denounce him, we're stuck with him and I hate how this makes me feel.

Dear God,
please save us from the fundamentalists

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