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Vignette: Life

this is just a short vignette that I might turn into a larger fic.
It's part of a We Band of Buggered summerchallenge.
(write a char of your choosing in your own home town, being Belgian, I wrote Buffy visiting Herentals)

Title: Life
Summary:Well who says Buffy can't come to Belgium

When you think of Europe, most people imagine cool architecture,
ancient places, charming villages.... What they don't tell you is
that there's also stretches of land with houses following roads
that's little different from anywhere else. They don't tell you that television is just as boring as it is at home. Or that there's supermarkets and MacDonalds just like everywhere else...

Buffy sat down in the familiar pizza hut and waited for her pizza.
Another new Slayer, another new day...

She stared through the window, staring at the old building in front of her... A former city hall, currently little more than a museum... older than the United States... here it was just a building. The entire market place was filled with cars, people walking in beside the planters. Young trees were spread around, creating a bit of green in amidst the grey houses, shops and stones.

They'd found their new Slayer yesterday. Today was just about
waiting for a chance to talk to the girl's parents, getting them
convinced that letting their baby start training for a high-danger job was a good idea.

Buffy hated herself for it...

What right did she have to take these children out of their every
day lives... To tell them they couldn't just be normal children,
gymnasts, high class athletes... That they were 'special'?

A very blond couple passed in front of the window. The guy was
dressed like a gangbanger, only his hair was bleached nearly
white... Like Spike.

Well, really like Eminem, but who got the haircut first?

The radio was playing a soft tune and she looked up as the server
brought her pizza up to her.

She wondered if Spike had ever been here... in this quiet old city, if he'd driven under one of the two stone gates still standing over the roads entering town...

Whether he'd gone to one of the many pubs, no cafés in the city to hunt for prey. Whether him and Drusilla had been here to terrorize the population... The place was just so quiet.

She laughed a bit and took out her folder, checking through it for the names of the girls she was still supposed to visit, two here in Belgium, one here in Herentals, the other in Charleroi. She was thankful that at least here more people were willing to talk in English rather than French... Big surprise... most Belgians do not speak French, Agatha Christie be damned.

The Dutch around her sounded almost... almost familiar enough to
make her feel at home.

She was alone here. Willow was in London, Xander was like her,
travelling the world to pick up new Slayers, with Andrew of all
people. And Giles... Giles was going crazy trying to be head of the council.

Poor Giles.

Especially since no-one seemed to bother listening to a word he said the moment they got out of earshot.

It was nothing like she'd expected life to be.

Hell, she hadn't expected to have a life.. when she'd been 16 she'd thought she'd die quick, no worries, no adulthood... just a martyr's death and gone...

Well, she'd had that and here she was.

Damn, why could life never go like she'd thought it would?

She stared at the children passing the windows; it was just past
twelve. Kids passed on bicycles, others waited at the bus stop.
There were three schools that she knew of surrounding her.

Sunnydale had been bigger than this place; it had had a dam, an
airport, a train station, a gigantic mall and one high school.

Herentals was just a small town by American standards, yet it had
three... no, wait, five schools in the town centre alone.

Sunnydale had had 17 cemeteries.

Dance halls, parties... They all seemed to be here, just
different... Kids entered the small pizzaplace and went down to the counter, buying a pizza, talking in that strange language that sounded somewhat harsher than English.

They were 16, girls probably thinking about little more than boys, make up and tv. When she'd been their age she'd had to worry about Spike sending the Order of Taraka after her. She'd promised to kill him then, over Angel.

Now he was dead, and there was little she'd ever wanted less.

Gone... forever.

And 16 had gone as well.

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