Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

My greatest enemy, my greatest love

After several posts, several stories and a post stating it specifically, I came to realize, there's no real Spike/Giles communities. You've got plenty of Giles communities, even more Spike communities. Yet there are few or no communities dedicated specifically to Giles and Spike together. Until now. Let's introduce:

This community has one purpose in mind, to write fics, create manips, icons, ... of Spike and Giles together.
We accept gen, het and slash, with the emphasis on the interaction between Spike and Giles.

Want to write a fic of Giles as Buffy's dad dealing with Spike post-S6, go ahead. Do you want Spike and Giles have an adventure in jolly old England, cool. Want them to talk philosofie, fight over football (the real kind, not the American version), ... Want Spike and Giles having wet hot naked sex, count me in, want to have Giles tying Spike up in that bathtub and having his way with him, let me know so I can rush over to read it*g*

Hell give them to us any which way you can and we'll be happy as hell.

All we request is that the fic, manip or vid is about Spike and Giles. And no that doesn't mean you can do a Spike/ or Giles/ with anyone with a cameo of the other guy.

I for one can't wait to see what you guys can come up with.


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