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Heroes and Champions

Just responded on a thread here
Thought you guys might like to read a slightly revised version of it as well.

I think the difference is that Angel got everything handed to him. It's part of what creates Angel's arrogance. I mean, Angel got to spend a century in the gutters, bemoaning his fate, he got the powers pulling him out of that, not just then, but through Cordy later on once again.
Spike on the other hand had to fight his own way up, demon as well as soul.

Angel's problem is that people have fed into his messianic complex. Not just the good guys, the Senior Partners as well. People always see him as so special, that he starts to believe it. That he started to believe that he's the centre of the universe. The one from the prophecy. Just notice how in Destiny, Angel doesn't doubt for a second (until Spike finally beats him) that he's the vampire of the prophecy. He doesn't even consider that he might be wrong. Because everyone's always been telling him that he's the one. I like that this s6 shows that arrogance in Angel and the harm it does to the world around him.

The difference to me, is partly that Spike doesn't suffer from a split personality. His demon and soul work together, are united, Angel's basically fighting himself all the time, submerges himself in his selfpity. Wanting to suffer becausehe feels it makes him special, chosen.

Spike doesn't have that, he's more realistic (though he's also more of a romantic at the same time, oddly enough) than Angel is. Spike had to struggle for everything he got.

Hell even with Buffy, Spike had to fight for Buffy's respect, Angel just had to show up all dark and mysterious and he got it instantly because of her childish crush on him.
It's part of the look they like to give to people. Angel is good at playing the part of the champion, it's just being a hero that he has problems with.

Spike on the other hand is a hero (or anti-hero) but he's terrible at playing the part of a hero. Which is why people are more likely to follow Angel. And that suits Spike cause he doesn't want the responsibility of leadership.

He doesn't think about the image he makes, even if he wants people to see him, he just does the right thing not just because it's the right thing, but because he can't help himself.
Which is harder for Angel, cause Angel just doesn't have the instinctive idea of what the right thing is, like Spike does. It's harder for Angel to be good, cause unlike William, Liam wasn't a good man to begin with. Angel has to struggle with the very idea of being good, even with a soul, so he has to think harder on it.

It's kinda like a honor student that cruised through highschool and then goes into college and all of a sudden has to really start studying, while Angel's the kid that had problems in school and had to take extra study hours just to keep up.

Spike doesn't think as much about the deeper meanings, because he never had to. He can just jump in, into being a good guy, cause it feels like it comes natural to him.

And now it seems like I'm mixing things up, so I'll stop before I get even more confusing*g*

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