Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Slash the drabble: Decoration

Title: Decoration
Author: Lore
Rating: NC17 slash
Notes: AU after 'the Gift'

Angel waited for him on the desk. Spike didn't say a word, Angel didn't like words or sounds, unless it was a huge "Oh God" or "Please sire please". But other than that Angel wanted his silence and Spike didn't understand why he gave it to him. Spike knelt down, his naked buttocks resting on his heels, his arms held tightly behind his back, posing in simple supplication.
Angel was in control now, again, still.
And Spike could do nothing but bow his head.

Angel got up and circled him. Spike didn't dare wreck this by raising his eyes and looking upon what wasn't his.
"Why should I take you back?" Angel's voice said from behind him. Spike's skin crawled up as Angel's fingers brushed over his spine.

He knew better than to answer.

"Why should I let you back into my life, my bed?"

'Because I'd brighten up the place, bring a handsome adornment to your den?
Yes, Spike knew the answer, but saying it would lose him all so his lips stayed sealed.

Something harsh and cold tingled against his shin and he realized it was a crop, and a command as it hit his ass.

"Simple rules boy, have you forgotten them already?"

Spike quickly moved to all fours, legs spread for Angel's easy reach. Setting himself for sale like cheap merchandize in a dollar store. But all for the prize.
Angel's hand grabbed in between his legs, tracing his balls, his cock, kneading them like day old bread before letting go and continuing his circle.

And when day came to close, it all came down to this moment, this second in time, as Angel touched him, grabbed his hair, facing him. Spike stayed up, waiting, lifting his chin for Angel's access. He closed his eyes and Angel locked the collar.
Tight so tight, making him unable to breath, unable to speak. Unable to do anything but what Angel wanted him to. Like they'd both wanted him. It was the only way, he knew that, the only way for Angel to let him stay.

"The hair has to go. We can't have Spike here, you get that, don't you William?"
He didn't even nod.
All he could think of was Buffy's dead body, his failure to save Dawn.
Spike was gone, and William'd be a good boy.
Maybe then, someday, she'd forgive him for failing.

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