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Got back from Normandy yesterday evening, so of course I decided to spend the few hours I should have used to sleep, chatting .... I kept yawning during the introduction day of my kitchen aide training I just started today....

Anyway, I stole this from Rahirah....

The "How I Write" meme

Do ideas come in little tiny pinpricks and then get expanded, or do they start great big and scopy and then get refined?

Depends, tends to change from story to story

Why do you choose to write in the tenses you do (present tense, or first person POV, or third person) and how do you choose particular styles for particular stories?

Depends from the point of the story, from my mood, from the way the moon stands to basically whatever goes through my head when I write the first line...

Do you have music that inspires your writing? (That you listen to while writing, or certain songs that remind you of certain characters.)

No, I tend to listen to music, but it rarely if ever inspires me

How do you brainstorm what comes next in a story?

Chatting, I know annoying, but I can't seem to stop talking about a fic when I've started a new one...

What do you do when you hit a road block?

Ask for help
Start another fic
Go back to earlier unfinished fics and see what I can do about them
Start over again

How often do you end up deleting a whole bunch of already-written stuff, and how hard is it to let that stuff go?

On occasion

What if you really, really want to include something but part of you is saying it's not right for that particular story?

I probably write another story with it in it or keep thinking about it over and over and ....

Do you take notes longhand, and if so, when?

I often write my best lines away from the computer

Do you use challenges by other people to inspire you?


Do you do anything in particular to get you into the right mindset to write a certain character or characters?
Watch episodes, or read fics about the char in question.

Which characters are easiest for you to write, and WHY?

Spike, he's amazingly simple to write, cause deep down, he's just like everyone else, there's just an innate humanity in him.
Other than that, Buffy, cause she's so much like me, which in a way makes her the hardest char to write as well...

Which ones are hardest, and again, WHY?

Buffy, see above, and Willow, I have to fight to keep her in char since I can't stand her.

Which characters are most like you emotionally?

Buffy and Spike, hands down.

How often do you feel like what you're writing is fulfilling some emotional need - ie, when you're writing comfort, is it because you often feel that you don't get it IRL?


What about writing smut - do you find it easy, difficult?

I'm terrible with smut. I write it when I have to, but I try to avoid it whenever possible

What kinds of smut are easiest for you to write, and WHY?

The non graphic sort

Which of your stories is your favorite and WHY? Least favorite?

'A taste for Xander' or 'Joker's apprentice' oddly enough, both of those are slash, sort of.

Which of your titles do you like the most/least, and why?

Joker's apprentice, and I swear, I wrote that HL/Batman crossover with the Joker/Richie long before I even found the graphic novel Joker's apprentice

How do you choose titles for your stories?

I often get an idea somewhere at the start of the fic, it's often the title that determines the flow of the story for me

Do you write differently with a cowriter than you do alone? Is it easier or harder?

Sometimes, tends to depend on whom I'm writing with. Heather's fun, but others often seem to get tired of the story before I do, and then I end up having to finish the story on my own, which has led to more than one unfinished story.

Do you write original fic differently from fanfic (if you write it at all)?

Not all that different

When a scene feels forced, what are the first few tricks you try to fix it?

rewrite, switch pov, add another scene, put it in another place, scratch it out entirely

Are most of your fixes deletions or additions?

More additions

How long does it usually take you to write a story? How many revisions do you go through?

Depends, though I never really stop revising

Do you use beta readers?


Gakked from onetwomany:

Fanfic meme:

Do you read fanfic specifically for character pairings?

It's more a factor of what I do not read than what I do read

What great lengths do you go to to search down fanfic for a specific pairing?

using search engines, following lists, asking for recs if I have to

Do you enjoy fanfic that pairs a canon character with an original fanfic character?


Do you enjoy crossover fanfics that have pairings that cross characters from different shows/genres for romance?

Really depends on the crossover

Do you write fanfic with specific pairings?

mostly B/S or A/S

Are you a reliable writer who updates/publishes regularly according to promises to self and pals?

I try, but don't always succeed

Can you handle letting a beta read your fics before posting?

Can't post without it

Have you ever written fanfic for a movie?

Not really, movies tend to be too complete for me, to think of fanfics around them

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