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Uhm, these are all three animal related, really...

Title: Now you too can have your very own vampire pet.
Rating:PG15 slash

Vampires were animals, big dangerous animals with fangs and occasionally black nail polish. Wild beasts like those tigers on Animal Planet, only without the safety of watching them from your television, miles away. So why did it surprise him to see Dawn with her own pet vampire? Not like people didn't keep tiger cubs for pets, till they grew up and bit your head off.
He wanted to warn her, to put a collar on him. Spike had one though, just one that was in his head
It'd be more fun to see it in leather, with a leash.


She put the cup on the table and poured the blood inside. Part of Xander's mind expected it to be a saucer and Spike to lick it up like a big cat. To watch that tongue dip in; with one long movement as he caressed the red liquid, his flesh touching the white porcelain of the saucer. On all fours, with his ass up in the air like he'd be wagging his tail if he had one. Then tilting his head, to be petted, with his lips pouting…
And as Spike winked at him, Xander couldn't jerk away fast enough.


It was stalking him, ready to pounce.
Xander stopped.
Spike was still behind him, like a dog on a leash, keeping him company, guarding him like a stray looking for a new master.
Can I take him home with me? He could imagine hearing himself tell Anya, not that he'd dare.
Chances were too high that Anya would take him up on it.
Vampires apparently had great stamina.

"Oh go bark up another tree."
Spike looked hurt, big puppy dog eyes.
Dog, cat, couldn't he just pick one and go with it?
"Oh come on already."
And wag that tail.


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